Handheld LED Light - 200lb Magnetic Base and Handle - 50 Feet of SEOOW Cord 5-15 Plug - 120/277 VAC


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Specifications / Additional Information
HML50-AC-50-515 Magnetic LED Light LEDWP-50 Features
Lamp Type: LED Waterproof/Vapor Proof
Dimensions: W-5"   D-7 1/4"   H-4 1/2" Operates on Standard 110-277 VAC
Watts: 6 Impact/Vibration Resistant Construction
Lumens: 1162 50,000 Hour LED Life
Voltage: 110~277 Volts AC ETL Approved for WET LOCATIONS
Lighting Configuration: Flood
Mounting: 200lbs Magnetic Base
Wiring: 50ft of SEOOW, 5-15 Plug
Amps: .05
LED Light Color: N/A
LED Life Expectancy: 100,000 hours
Materials: Aluminum Housing, Polycarbonate Lens
Housing Colors: Black, White
' Product Overview '
The HML50-AC-50-515 Magnetic LED Light offers high light output from a compact form factor and is designed to provide a more durable and long lived alternative to halogen units. This 6 watt LED light produces illumination comparable to a 50-75 watt halogen light without the high heat, fragile construction, or high energy costs of incandescent lighting. This LED light is equipped with a 5-inch, 200 pound grip magnetic base and a reverse pistol grip handle that enables the operator to control the positioning of the light head. The HML50-AC-50-515 6 watt magnetic LED light from Larson Electronics produces a light beam that is well spread without any of the irregularities or dark spot associated with typical halogen lighting. The beam from this compact LED fixture will illuminate an area nearly twice the distance as a standard 50W halogen flood light, but is 30% narrower than a standard halogen floodlight.  This compact LED light produces far more light than traditional incandescent lamps yet uses far less power.
Dark 10,000sf warehouse, illuminated by 100W incandescent bulb. Same warehouse being illuminated by the HML50-AC-50-515.
The Larson Electronics HML50-AC-50-515 magnetic LED light draws only 6 watts @.05 amps at 120 VAC. The light assembly consists of six, 1 watt LEDs paired with high purity specular optics to produce a total lumen output comparable to that of a 50-75 watt halogen lamp. This LED light ships with 50 foot of SEOOW cord and a 5-15 plug. The HML50-AC-50-515 is designed to withstand demanding conditions and is waterproof, vapor proof, and built to resist the damaging effects of an outdoor environment.  The magnetic base will stay firmly affixed to any ferrous metal surface and the reverse pistol grip handle assembly enables the operator to rotate and tilt the light head.  This Larson Electronics LED light assembly is light enough to be carried and used as a handheld task light.  
The HML50-AC-50-515 LED light head consists of six, one watt LEDs housed within a waterproof aluminum housing that is powder coated for added durability and resistance to corrosion. The housing incorporates integral cooling fins for efficient heat dissipation and increased LED longevity. The LED lamp assembly is protected by a shatterproof polycarbonate lens which is secured to the housing with a waterproof seal. A 1/2" waterproof connector provides a secure and sealed power connection point and rounds out this unit`s weather resistant construction. Mounting hardware for the HML50-AC-50-515 consists of a 5 inch diameter magnetic base with 200 lbs of gripping power. The handle is made out of solid polypropylene, making this handle heavy duty. The base has a tension hinge with 140 degrees of tilt. The mounting brackets and screws are made from stainless steel to provide secure mounting and resistance to rust and corrosion, while the fasteners consist of galvanized steel. A 7 inch heavy gauge steel bracket connects the handle to the lamp housing, and is powder coated black.  This unit is designed to operate with voltages ranging from 110 VAC to 277 VAC 50/60hz, providing versatile power connection options and the ability to run the unit with commonly encountered voltages. This Larson Electronics LED light provides an efficient and highly durable alternative to standard incandescent and halogen lights and produces a more far reaching beam while using only a fraction the power. With the HML50-AC-50-515 there is no warm up period, and the light can be cycled on and off without any reduction in lamp life.  In addition, there is no glass or filament to shatter or break, and the solid state LED design provides 100,000 hours of operation. The magnetic base design and handheld operation, make this light ideal for utility operators, where the LED light can be powered from an inverter and magnetically attached firmly to the work vehicle.  

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