0.5 kVA Solid-State Frequency Converter - 220V EU, 50Hz Input to 110V US, 60Hz Output - 1PH - Front Handles


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Specifications / Additional Information
IND-SFC-1P-0.5KVA-220V.EU-50HZ-110V.US-60HZ Frequency Converter Features/Ratings
Unit Type: Solid-State Static Frequency Converter NRTL Listed to UL 508A
Dimensions: 16.92" x 18.11" x 7.08" Advance Microprocessor Control
Weight: 88.18 lb True Online Double Conversion
Input Voltage: 220 V 1PH +/- 5% Smart Fan Control
Input Frequency: 50 Hz +/- 5% Low Input THDi < 3% 
Input Connection: L1 + N (EU Spec)  
Capacity: 0.5 kVA (500 VA) - 100% Load - 30 Mins  
Output Voltage: 110 V 1PH +/- 2%  
Output Frequency: 60 Hz +/- 5%  
Output Amps: 2.1 A @ 220 V Setting 0-300 V (High Grade); 4.2 A @ 120 V Setting 0-150 V (Low Grade)  
Output Connection: L1 + L2 (USA Spec)  
Rectification: IGBT  
Efficiency Ratio: Up to 95%  
Load Stabilization Rate: < +/- 1%  
Frequency Stability: < +/- 0.01%  
Harmonic Distortion: Pure Sine Wave < 2%  
4-digit Meters: Digital Frequency Meter- Resolution 0.1Hz/Step; Digital Voltage Meter- Resolution 0.1V; Digital Ammeter- Resolution 0.1A; Digital Watt Meter- Resolution 0.1W Special Orders - Requirements
Protection: Overload, Short Circuit, Over Temp, Instant Power Failure Protection, Alarm
Operating Temp: 0°C-40C Toll Free: 1-800-369-6671
Humidity: 0-90% (Non-condensation) Intl: 1-214-616-6180
Mounting: Standalone w/ Front Handles
Color: Tan
' Product Overview '
The IND-SFC-1P-0.5KVA-220V.EU-50HZ-110V.US-60HZ from Larson Electronics is a Solid-state Frequency Converter that is designed for voltage and frequency rectification in industrial locations. The 500 VA (0.5 kVA) static converter comes with an input voltage/frequency of single phase 220 V, 50 Hz European and an output voltage/frequency of single-phase 110 V, 60 Hz USA. This unit is equipped with front handles and circular pads at the bottom of the converter. The IND-SFC-1P-0.5KVA-220V.EU-50HZ-110V.US-60HZ can be used to accurately convert voltages and frequencies in industrial sites. This 0.5 KVA unit offers single-phase 220 V, 50 Hz European on the input side and single-phase 110 V, 60 Hz USA on the output side. Output amps is 2.1 A @ 220 V setting 0-300 V (high grade) and 4.2 A @ 110 V setting 0-150 V (low grade). During operation, rectification is completed via IGBT. The static frequency converter provides robust microprocessor control, true online double conversion and active input power factor correction. Input connection contains L1+N (EU spec), while output connection contains L1+L2 (USA spec). This solid-state frequency converter is equipped with several protective features, including overload, short circuit, over temp, instant power failure connection and alarm. Available meter components include digital frequency meter, digital voltage meter, digital ammeter and digital watt meter. Mounting: The IND-SFC-1P-0.5KVA-220V.EU-50HZ-110V.US-60HZ is a standalone unit with front handles and bottom-located pads. Applications: Industrial facilities, laboratories, air compressor testing, power supply testing, motor equipment testing, quality assurance, lighting systems and more.

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