Larson 40W 1X2 Recessed Troffer Mount UV Sanitation Fixture - 120/277V AC - (1) Far-UVC Excimer Lamp - Kills 99% of Viruses

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This unit is Made In USA - Manufactured in Texas
The Larson Electronics IND-TRF-1X2-FUVC-EX-1L-V1 Recessed Troffer Mount Far-UV Sanitation Fixture disinfects 99% of viruses, bacteria, mold, and spores in large facilities. This eye and skin safe disinfection solution uses one 40-watt excimer lamp that emits far-UV 222 nm germicidal light. A single IND-TRF-1X2-FUVC-EX-1L-V1 unit can cover a maximum of 200 square feet, depending on the mounting height.
*Please note: This product produces UV light. Make sure to follow all safety guidelines and protocols found in the user manual.
The IND-TRF-1X2-FUVC-EX-1L-V1 UV sanitation fixture is a 1-foot long by 2-foot wide, powerful lighting solution for general areas and commercial indoor spaces. This 40-watt troffer mount unit consists of one 40-watt excimer lamp that provides 222nm far UV-C output. Equipped with an expected lifespan of 10,000+ hours, the light emits a flood beam pattern. The housing on this sanitation unit is constructed of direct/indirect formed cold rolled steel housing with a nanoceramic treatment for enhanced resistance to corrosion, and topped off with a flat white powder coat finish. This recessed troffer mount fixture also includes built-in earthquake brackets for resistance to violent vibrations.
Far-UV 222 nm light is considered to be eye and skin safe for humans, allowing the lamps to be used in occupied areas safely with minimum risk. The 222 nm wavelength does not penetrate the cornea of the eye and cannot impose corneal impairment. Additionally, this UV band is blocked by the top layer of skin (stratum corneum) which protects underlying cells from damage. Exposure to far-UV 222 nm lamp does not cause skin inflammation or swelling. Due to these safety benefits, extensive protective clothing is not required when using this type of sanitation light in occupied areas.
Benefits of Excimer Far UV Lamps:
When it comes to Far-UV lamps, there are few options in the skin-safe and eye-safe wavelengths. Similar to LED lamps, excimer lamps provide “instant-on” startup, and do not require a warmup period; excimer lamps are at 100% peak output when switched on. Most lamp technologies that do product UVC use mercury in the manufacturing process. Excimer lamps have ZERO mercury, making them more environmentally friendly. Excimer lamps can be tuned to specific wavelengths (222nm wavelength for this product) and produce no harmful UVC radiation or wasteful visible light and infrared light. Excimer lamps are more efficient at converting electricity (input power) into UV irradiance, which reduces the heat output from excimer lamps over other technologies. Fluorescent, amalgam, low-pressure mercury, and high-pressure mercury lamps do not product as tight of a wavelength and generate more heat, both of which wastes energy for the UV sanitation application. Excimer lamps have a higher average UV irradiance per square inch and have a higher photon emission over other lamp technologies. Being safe for use in occupied areas, instant-on power, mercury free, higher UV output, and low heat output make Far-UV excimer lamps the preferred choice for UV sanitation and disinfecting applications.
Germicidal excimer lamps emit far-UV 222 nm light that is generated by specific excimer molecules. The far-UV lights come with an expected lifespan of 10,000+ hours. This gas-filled emitter is energy efficient and offers cool operation. A power supply is typically utilized with the non-toxic lamp to ensure consistent UV output. The sanitation light, which is suitable for use in occupied areas, features instant start capabilities.
The low profile sanitation light allows operators to install it in shallow or compact spaces. This troffer mount UV-C germicidal fixture is for recessed mounting in 1' x 2' inverted T-Bar grid ceilings.
Note on Environment:
Sunlight and visible light fixtures do not impact the effectiveness of the disinfecting on this UVC sanitation product. Metal halide, high pressure sodium, fluorescent, and LED light fixtures can be left on. The UV radiation emitted from this product is not disrupted by any type of lighting in the environment. Put simply, NO it DOES NOT need to be dark in the area you plan to disinfect. The UV radiation is harmful to the eyes and skin, and that is why you should not be in the area while it is in operation. Please see user manual for additional safety information.
Sanitation, disinfection, retail spaces, lobbies, commercial locations, industrial parks, schools, public transportation hubs, airports, office buildings, medical centers and more; kill 99% of viruses, bacteria, mold and spores.
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Unit Type: UV-C Germicidal Excimer Troffer Light
Lamp Technology: UV Excimer Sanitation
Lamp Qty: (1)
Dimensions: 1' x 2'
Weight: -
Voltage: 120-277 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Total Watts: 40W
Total UV-C Output: -
Effective UV Intensity: 40 uW/cm2 @ 1.57"
Expected Lifespan: 10,000+ Hours
UV Wavelength: Far UV-C, 222nm
Maximum Area Coverage: 200 Square Feet (Depending on Mounting Height)
Lamp Type: UV-C Excimer
Lamp Base:  -
Replacement Lamp: FRL-EMX-6-40W-FUVC
Beam Angle: -
Lighting Configuration: Flood Pattern
Power Factor: -
Operating Temperature Range: -
Lamp Lens Material: Quartz Glass
Housing: Cold Rolled Steel
Finish: Flat White Polyester Finish
Mounting: 1' x 2' Troffer in Inverted T-Bar Grid Ceiling
Cord: -

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