Non-Fused Disconnect Switch - Isolator Switch - Three Pole - 63A - 415V Rated - (1) Open Auxillary Contact


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IND-WPCS-FG-NFDS-415V-3P-63A-AUX.1-R1 Weatherproof Non-Fused Disconnect / Isolator Switch Ratings/Details:
Unit Type: Weatherproof Non-Fused Disconnect / Isolator Switch IP66
Dimensions: - GRP Construction
Weight: - WF2 Corrosion-Proof Mark
Rated Voltage: Max to 400 V
Rated Current: Max to 63 Amps
Utilization Category: AC-23, AC-3
Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui): 800 V
Rated Withstand Impulse Voltage (Uimp): 6 kV
Rated Short-Time Withstand Current (Icw): 10 kA
Rated Short-Time Marking Capacity (Icm): 17 kA
Short-Circuit Protection of Fuse: 500 V / 63 A
Protection Characteristic of Fuse: gG(Conformity to IEC/EN60269-1)
Ambient Temperature: -55°C to + 55°C
Selector Switch: (1) 3-Pole, 2-Position Selector Switch Labeled "ON", "OFF"
Selector Switch Safety: Lockout/Tag Out Lock
Auxillary Contact: (1) Normally Open
Terminals: (1) 35 mm Terminal w/ Internal Wiring
Materials: Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP) - Black
Cable Entry: (2) Cable Entries - Each w/ M50 Plastic Cable Glands
Mount: Surface
Cable Diameter: Can Accomodate 0.86" to 1.38" (22-35 mm) Cable
' Product Overview '
The IND-WPCS-FG-NFDS-415V-3P-63A-AUX.1-R1 from Larson Electronics is a Weatherproof Non-Fused Disconnect / Isolator Switch that is rated for 415 V, 50 Hz and is also rated IP66 for use in areas where exposure to dust or powerful water jets is possible. This weatherproof non-fused disconnect / isolator switch prevents all ingress of dust and immune to water sprayed from powerful jets. The IND-WPCS-FG-NFDS-415V-3P-63A-AUX.1-R1 features a two position selector switch and one normally open auxillary contact. The IND-WPCS-FG-NFDS-415V-3P-63A-AUX.1-R1 is constructed from glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP) and is black in color. The IND-WPCS-FG-NFDS-415V-3P-63A-AUX.1-R1 is a durable weatherproof non-fused disconnect / isolator switch designed for areas that encounter dusty or wet conditions. Featuring an voltage rating of 415 V, 50 Hz, this unit features one normally open auxillary contact in addition to the two-position selector switch. This isolator switch is equipped with two M50 moulded plastic cable glands with a diameter of 22-35 mm. The two position selector switch on the IND-WPCS-FG-NFDS-415V-3P-63A-AUX.1-R1 is labeled "ON" and "OFF". The switch is key lockable for lock out or tag out. Voltage: The IND-WPCS-FG-NFDS-415V-3P-63A-AUX.1-R1 has a voltage rating of 415 V, 50 Hz. Wiring/Mounting: The IND-WPCS-FG-NFDS-415V-3P-63A-AUX.1-R1 features two cable entries. Each entry is equipped with a M40 plastic cable gland and can accommodate cables with a diameter of between 0.86" to 1.38" (22-35 mm). The IND-WPCS-FG-NFDS-415V-3P-63A-AUX.1-R1 has one 35 mm terminal with internal wiring on the inside. Materials: The IND-WPCS-FG-NFDS-415V-3P-63A-AUX.1-R1 is built from glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP) and is black in color. Applications: Situations requiring a weatherproof non-fused disconnect / isolator switch.

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