Larson Adhesive Equipment Label - DIRECT WIRE LIGHT SOCKET - Black Text w/ Yellow Background - 4"H x 8"L

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The LE-VLBL-4-8-IS from Larson Electronics is an Adhesive Equipment Label that are designed to be attached to panels, equipment and other
direct wire light socket
devices properly identify it as being
direct wire light socket
to operators. This cable wrap label measures 4 inches in height and 8 inches wide and offers high opacity and a high gloss finish for easy visibility. This equipment tag is printed with the words "DIRECT WIRE LIGHT SOCKET" in black text against a vibrant yellow background.
The LE-VLBL-4-8-IS adhesive equipment tag is made from durable vinyl and uses a permanent acrylic adhesive that offers a reliable and durable connection between label and cord. This 4" by 8" label is an ideal solution for safely labeling direct wire light socket equipment in both indoor and outdoor settings.
The LE-VLBL-4-8-IS offers operators a high degree of durability. This means that they do not need to be replaced for much longer periods of time compared to other, less durable labels. These labels are rated to last for six years in outdoor conditions. The LE-VLBL-4-8-IS cable wrap label is self-extinguishing when exposed to flame.
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Type: Adhesive Equipment Label
Dimensions:  8"L x 4"H
Weight: 2 oz
Flammability: Self-Extinguishing
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Application Temperature: +10°C Minimum
Temperature Range: -40°C to +82°C
Colors:  Black Text & Yellow Background

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