Larson LED Light Bulb - 10 Watt LED A19 Style Replacement for Standard E26 Light Bulb Socket - Dimmable

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The Larson Electronics LED-A19-10W-E26-D 10 Watt LED A19 Style Bulb is designed to fit in standard light bulb sockets but provides durability which makes it ideal for industrial and commercial applications. This 10 watt LED replacement bulb provides 830 lumens from only 10 watts.
The LED-A19-10W-E26-D is an LED light bulb that can serve as an A19 LED upgrade from standard light bulbs fitting E26 bulb sockets. Utilizing only 10 Watts and designed to operate with 120 Volts AC, this lamp provides higher efficiency than traditional incandescent A19 bulbs and is a direct fit replacement. The A19 is the same base and dimensions as a standard A19 incandescent light bulb, meaning you can use this LED light bulb as a replacement for a standard household incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs. However, given the durability and longevity of this LED design, we see this LED light bulb as an ideal solution for a variety of business and industrial uses.

This lamp has an acceptable operating temperature range of -20°C to 45C and an operational life of 25,000 hours. The solid state design of this lamp means it is resistant to the effects of impacts and vibrations, providing added durability to withstand conditions that would cause a normal incandescent bulb to fail. The overall dimensions of the LED light are the same as a standard A19 incandescent lamp, and the base is constructed of aluminum for durability and resistance to rust and corrosion.
The LED-A19-10W-E26-D is the ideal upgrade and/or replacement for hand lamps and drop lights like our EPL-120 series explosion proof hand lamps. This bulb produces nearly 20% more light at 5 feet than a standard 60 watt rough service bulb. Combined with a "cool white" color output, this bulb is ideal for improving the light output of hand lamps, drop lights, and other standard incandescent lighting within industrial applications. We also offer this lamp in a 3000K "warm white" color temperature to replicate the color of traditional incandescent lights while still offering the energy savings and extended lamp life of LED technology.
The E26 base is the same screw in base that of the standard light bulb in the US and Europe. You can use this LED light bulb in a standard lamp in your home. However, given the durability and longevity, we also see this LED light bulb as an ideal solution for sealed hand lamps and drop lights that usually involve replace seals, gaskets, etc. when relamping. As such, this LED light bulb can provide additional safety measures and time savings, given the low heat production and that it does not require replacing for 25,000 hours. Since the LED bulb uses solid state technology, the vibration (dropping, etc.) that degrades conventional incandescent bulbs is not an issue with these LED bulbs.

Lamp Type:
Watts: 10
Lumens: 830
Dimensions: 2.36"-W, 4.41"-H
Voltage: 120 VAC @ 60hz
Color: 4100K-Cool White / 3000K-Warm White
CRI:  80 (White)
Dimmable: YES
Operating Temp: -20C to 45C
Materials: Aluminum Housing - Polycarbonate Lens

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