60 Watt LED Light Bar - 6 X 10 WATT LEDs - Aluminum Housing - 5400 Lumens - Adjustable Locking Base


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LED10W-6R-ALB LED Light Bar LED10W-6R-ALBLED Features
LEDs: 6 Seoul Z-Power 10 Watt LED Emitters Seoul Z-Power LED Emitters
Dimensions: 6"-Diam  1.5"-Depth LEDs Driven At 80%
Watts: 60 -40 C~ +80C Operating Temp Range
Voltage: 9-48 VDC Spot Beam: 675`L x 90`W 70% Lumen Retention @65,000 hours
Weight: 5 Lbs IP68 Rated Waterproof to 3 meters
Lighting Configuration: 10° Spot or 35° Flood Adjustable locking base mounting system
Mounting: Adjustable Locking Base
Wiring: Deutsch IPD / LADD DT04-2P connector
Amps: 6 (on 12 volts)  3 (on 24 volts)
Lumens: 5400
LED Light Color: 6300K
LED Life Expectancy: 50,000 hours
Optics Efficiency: 90%
Materials: Aluminum Housing, Polycarbonate Lens
Housing Colors: Black or White
CE Certified EN55015 EMI EN61547 EMS EN62471 Photobiological Safety
3 year warranty replacement on this LED light. After 30 days, the customer ships the failed LED light and/or LED bulb to Larson Electronics at their expense. If the failure is a manufacturer defect, we will ship a new replacement to the customer. If failure occurs within 30 days of receipt, Larson Electronics will provide a return label via email to the customer. When the failed light is returned, Larson Electronics will ship a new replacement.  
' Product Overview '
Buy American Compliant The Larson Electronics LED10W-6R-ALB LED Light Emitter offers high light output in a light weight, durable, compact unit combined with an adjustable mounting system and versatile power options. This IP68 rated LED light is waterproof to three meters and produces 5400 lumens while drawing only 60 watts of power @6 amps from a 12 volt electrical system. This light can run on any voltage from 9 to 48 volts and provides a rugged lighting solution that  is ideal for use in marine environments. The Magnetic LED comes standard with a 16 foot coil cord with cigarette plug for convenient installation of the unit. The LED10W-6R-ALB LED light emitter from Larson Electronics produces a 675` long by 90` wide light beam with 5,400 lumens of bright light while drawing only 60 watts @6 amps from a 12 volt electrical system. Six Seoul Z-Power 10 watt LEDs producing 900 lumens each are paired with high purity, 10 degree optics to produce a tightly focused spot beam with limited spread or light spillage. We also offer optional floodlight versions with 35 degree optics to produce a wider beam spread approximately 270 foot long by 240 foot wide. Originally designed to military specifications, these LED light emitters are IP68 rated and waterproof to three meters, sealed against intrusion by dust and dirt and ruggedly constructed to withstand demanding environments and conditions. These units are fitted to an adjustable locking base that allows users to quickly and easily position the light according to their needs and lock the unit`s position into place.
Heat Management: Heat is the single largest factor in premature LED failure and color shifting. As a result, many manufacturers reduce the output of their LEDs to reduce the amount of heat produced. These LED boat lights utilize an extruded aluminum housing that incorporates an advanced heat radiating fin design which dissipates heat efficiently to produce the maximum amount of power and longevity from the integrated Seoul Z-Power LEDs. The end result is more light and longer LED life with higher average lumen maintenance after 50,000 hours. Voltage Control: These units are able to monitor and adjust input current to maintain the correct LED voltage levels regardless of input levels ranging from 9 to 50 VDC. These LED10W series light bars can operate on current ranging from 9 to 50 VDC without any modifications necessary as a result. This multi-voltage capability makes these units ideal for mobile and stand alone applications such as those found on boats, heavy equipment and vehicles where power systems don’t always operate with 12 volts and external generators, transformers or inverters are impractical.
LED10W-6R-ALB 35° Flood Beam (Opt) LED10W-6R-ALB 10° Spot Beam (Stnd)
Durability: The LED10W-6R-ALB LED light from Larson Electronics offers IP68 rated construction that is designed to withstand tough environmental and operating conditions. These units can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius, are waterproof to three meters and resist ingress of dust, dirt and humidity. The housings are formed from die cast aluminum, the hardware is stainless steel and the lenses are unbreakable polycarbonate. The Seoul Z-Power LEDs offer inherent LED resistance to shocks and vibrations, contributing to these units 15.6Grms rating of vibration tolerance. These LED10W series light bars are ideal for use in industrial and commercial settings as well as on vehicles and watercraft.. Mounting: These LED10W LED light bars feature a smaller profile and lighter weight than our LEDLB-E series lights, making them ideal for use in locations where traditional lights cannot fit or would block other mounted equipment. This LED light emitter is mounted on an adjustable locking platform and is available with a 200 pound grip magnetic base or a 4 inch square plate with corner holes for permanent mounting. The angle of tilt and rotation of the LED emitter light can be set by pulling outward on one of two spring loaded fasteners. Once the fastener is pulled out, the user can adjust the tilt or rotation of the light. By releasing the spring loaded fastener into one of several index holes available at different positions, the user can lock in that position. No amount of vibration can dislodge the position once set. Note: Most Larson Electronics LEDLB, LEDP3W, LEDP10W, and LED10W series LED spotlights and floodlights are terminated with a Deutsch IPD / LADD DT04-2P connector. The mating connector plug is DT06-2S. Most LEDLB and LED10W series lights ship with mating connector as part of a harness or pigtail, depending on the model. Some larger LED lights like the LEDLB-160X2 or LEDLB-200X2 or multiple function LED lights (i.e. high/low beam, modulating, IR/Visible combos) will have different Deutsch connectors. We include with the LED10W-6R-ALB a short male plug with 2 wires, stripped and tinned for connection to leads from a power source (i.e. vehicle system, battery, etc.).

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