Infrared LED Light Emitter on Trunnion Mount - 6 Watt - 9-42VDC - 280'L X 45'W IR Beam


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LED Light Bar contains two 6-watt high powered Infrared LEDs providing 6 watts of LED light power, producing 360 lumens of LED light and drawing only .5 amps on 12 volts.  This LED emitter light runs on any voltage ranging from 9 Volts to 42 Volts. With it`s new design to include a U-bracket trunnion mount, this 6 watt Infrared LED emitter can be mounted on any flat surface while still being able to adjust the angle after mounting. Note that this fixture`s beam can only be seen through the use of night vision goggles. With the 850NM, user can still see a bit of red around the LED bulb when positioned at the correct angle. Whereas 940NM is completely invisible to the naked eye. BUY AMERICAN COMPLIANT This LED light emitter bar runs on any voltage ranging from 9 Volts to 42 Volts DC. This means that you can power this and visible LED emitter light from any vehicle, equipment, ATV or boat electrical system.  You do not need anything special to operate these multi-voltage units, as an internal voltage regulator controls the power to the LEDs.  There is a one foot pigtail attached to the LED light terminated in a 2 pin Deutsch plug.  A wiring harness attaches to the Deutsch socket on the back of the LED light. The harness is terminated in a 2 pin Deutsch plug and includes 20 feet of cable, a relay and a toggle switch that will operate on 12 or 24 volts.  The wiring harness is not necessary for installation. Operators can use existing wiring and switches, assuming they are rated for the amperage listed below.  A hinge style mounting bracket enables the operator to affix one portion of the hinge bracket to the mounting surface.  Then, the operator can set the angle and attach the upper portion of the hinge style mount to the light.  The operator can then adjust the hinge bolt, once the desired angle is set.   Spot Beam Optics Angle: 10 degrees (create a narrower, longer, distance oriented beam) Flood Beam Optics Angle: 35 degrees (creates a shorter, wider, diffused beam) SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 5.2 inches Height: 3.25 inches Depth: 2.5 inches Weight: 2.3 pounds Number of LEDs: 2 Individual LED Watts: 3 watts/each LED Maximum Lumen Output: 180 lumen per LED LED Type: Seoul P7 Total LED Watts: 6 Volts: Accepts input voltage 9-42 Volts DC Amps: .5 (on 12 volts) 0.25 amps (on 24 volts) Lumens: 360 total IR Wavelength: 750nm, 850nm or 940nm CRI:  70 Housing Color: black or white available. Specialty colors available on request. Powder coat finish. Housing material: Aluminum Ambient Operating Temperature Range: -45° C to 85° C Storage Temperature Range: -45° C to 100° C Ingress Protection Rating: IP67 (water tight and dust tight) Mean Lens Temperature: 83° F Mean Housing Temperature: 99° F LUX measurements: At the Lens: 176,900 At 1 Meter: 11,270 Lens Temperature:  77 degrees F   Mounting Type:  Hinge mounting for 180° of possible position angles; U-bracket trunnion mount for surface mounting with adjustability after installation.  

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