9 Watt High Output LED Light Emitter on Magnetic Base Goose-Neck Arm - 120-277V


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LED40W-GNM LED40W-GNM Features
Lamp Type: LED Waterproof
Dimensions: Light 4.75"-L 2"-H 2.5"-D, GooseNeck 20"-H Operates on Standard 120-240V AC
Watts: 9 Impact/Vibration Resistant Construction
Lumens: 684 50,000 Hour LED Life
Voltage: 120-240 Volts AC 200lbs Grip Magnetic Base
Lighting Configuration: Flood 20 Inch Flexible Goose-Neck
Mounting: Magnet, Flexible Neck, Dual Ball Joint Adjustable Double Ball Joint Bracket
Wiring: 6` Cord and Straight Blade Plug
Cord Cap: 5-15 Straight, 6-15 Straight, L5-15 Twist, L6-15 Twist, UK BS1363, Intl. Schuko, Pigtail
Amps: 0.08 (on 120 volts)
LED Light Color: 6000K
LED Life Expectancy: 50,000 hours Toll Free: 1-800-369-6671
Materials: ABS Plastic, Aluminum Housing, Polycarbonate Lens Intl: 1-903-270-1187
Housing Colors: Black or White E-mail: 
' Product Overview '
Made in the USA The LED40W-GNM LED High Output LED Light Emitter on Adjustable Gooseneck Arm and Magnetic Base offers high light output from a compact form factor and is designed to provide the most versatile adjustability possible. This 9 watt LED light produces illumination comparable to a 150 watt incandescent light bulb without the high heat, fragile construction, or high energy costs of gas burning lighting, and gives users the ability to place the light at any angle they require. The LED40W-GNM LED High Output LED Light Emitter on Adjustable Gooseneck Arm and Magnetic Base from Larson Electronics produces a powerful wide area beam of light that is ideal for use in areas where it is difficult to get a light placed into a precise position for the best effectiveness. The light assembly consists of 3 LEDs paired with high clarity optics to produce a light output comparable to that of a 150 watt incandescent light bulb while using only 9 watts. The mounting assembly consists of a 200 pound grip magnetic base, flexible goose-neck arm, and two ball joints that provide 360 degrees of rotation and 180 degrees of tilt/pivot, and a six foot cord terminated in a 5-15 straight plug (cigarette plug for low voltage DC applications). This LED light is designed to withstand demanding conditions and is waterproof, impact resistant, and built to resist the damaging effects of an outdoor environment. LED Benefits: Unlike gas burning and arc type lamps that have glass bulbs, LEDs have no filaments or fragile housings to break during operation and/or transportation. Instead of heating a small filament or using a combination of gases to produce light, light emitting diodes (LEDs) use semi-conductive materials that illuminate when electric current is applied, providing instant illumination with no warm up or cool down time before re-striking. Because there is no warm up period, this light can be cycled on and off with no reduction in lamp life. LED lights run at significantly cooler temperatures than traditional metal halide and high pressure sodium lights and contain no harmful gases, vapors, or mercury, making them both safer and more energy efficient. No extra energy is wasted in cooling enclosed work areas due to external heat emissions from bulb type lights, and the operator risks associated with traditional lighting methods, such as accidental burns and exposure to hazardous substances contained in the glass bulbs, are eliminated. In addition, LEDs are also safer for the environment as they are 100% recyclable, which eliminates the need for costly special disposal services required with traditional gas burning and arc type lamps.
This photo shows an open field illuminated only by ambient light at approximately 9:00 pm`. This photo shows the LED40W-GNM in spot configuration, illuminating a `Larson Electronics` sign set approx. 600 feet away. This photo shows the LED40W-GNM illuminating the sign approx. 600 feet away. In spot mode, the LED unit projects a long, narrow beam, capable of reaching out over 600`.
The LED40W-GNM consists of three 3 watt LEDs drawing 0.08 amps at 120V and housed within a waterproof and impact resistant housing and an innovative double ball joint and flexible goose-neck mounting assembly that provides extreme lamp adjustability. The LED lamp assembly is protected by a shatterproof polycarbonate lens which resists scratching and provides protection against impacts and the elements. This unit is designed to operate with voltages 120-240V AC. The LED40W-GNM provides an efficient and highly durable alternative to standard incandescent halogen work and task lights that produces more light while using only a fraction the power.
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5-15 Straight Blade Plug 15 Amp / 125V Rated L5-15 Twist Lock Plug 15 Amp / 125V Rated L6-15 Twist Lock Plug 15 Amp / 250V Rated
UK BS1363 Straight Blade Plug 13 Amp / 250V Rated / Internal Fuse Intl Schuko 2-Pin Plug 16 Amp / 250V Rated / Grounded Flying Leads / Pigtail Wires
Wiring/Plug: This general use high bay LED light fixture is equipped with 6 feet of 16/3 chemical and abrasion resistant SOOW cord that is fitted with an industrial grade cord cap for easy connection to common wall outlets. Plug options include standard 5-15 15 amp straight blade plug for 110V wall outlets with ground, standard 6-15 15 amp straight blade plug for 220-240V wall outlets with ground, NEMA L5-15 15 amp twist lock plug for 125V twist lock outlets, NEMA L6-15 15 amp twist lock plug for 240V twist lock outlets, British BS1363 13 amp fused 3-blade plug for United Kingdom outlets, or a two pin 16 amp rated Schuko plug with ground contact and socket for European outlets up to 250V. Alternatively, we can provide flying leads with no plug for hard wire applications or for operators who prefer to wire in user provided cord caps. Please choose pigtail option below for flying leads with no plug. The 20 inch long `goose-neck` allows the operator to position the light exactly as needed to provide maximum effectiveness. This completely flexible goose-neck allows users to position the light at virtually any angle, and will hold this position until moved again by the user. The goose-neck sits upon a double ball joint bracket that provides even more adjustability by allowing the user to rotate the light 360 degrees and tilt/pivot 180 degrees. This adjusting can be achieved without disturbing the position of the `goose-neck` angle. The entire adjustable mounting system is mated to a 200 pound grip magnetic base which allows users to attach this unit to any metallic surface that will accept a magnet and will securely hold the light in position regardless of how it is placed.

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