Larson 43 Watt BT56 LED Lamp - 4,200 Lumens - E39 Screw Base - 120-277V AC - Replace Metal Halide and HPS

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The Larson Electronics LEDSB-BT56-E39 43 Watt LED Style Bulb is designed to fit into E39 sockets and provides durability and lower energy consumption that makes it ideal for industrial and commercial applications. This 43 watt LED replacement bulb for metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps provides 4,200 lumens.
The LEDSB-BT56-E39 is an LED light bulb that can serve as an LED upgrade from metal halide, high pressure sodium, low pressure sodium, or mercury vapor bulbs fitting E39 bulb sockets. Utilizing only 43 Watts and designed to operate with 120-277 Volts AC, this lamp provides higher efficiency than traditional HID bulbs and is a direct fit replacement. The light output is comparable to 175-250 watt lamps.
This lamp has an acceptable operating temperature range of -20°C to 85°C and an operational life of 50,000 hours. The solid state design of this lamp means it is resistant to the effects of impacts and vibrations, providing added durability to withstand conditions that would cause a normal incandescent bulb to fail. These lamps are not waterproof.
The LEDSB-BT56-E39 is the ideal upgrade and/or replacement for flood lights, high bay fixtures, and low bay fixtures around the business. Combined with a "pure white" color output, this bulb is ideal for improving the light output of traditional HID lighting within industrial applications.
The LEDSB-BT56-E39 is the same base and width as a standard BT56 light bulb. You can use this LED light bulb as a replacement for a standard outdoor flood lamp, high intensity discharge fixtures or as an ideal solution for a variety of industrial uses. As such, this LED light bulb can provide additional safety measures and time savings, given the low heat production and that it does not require replacing for 50,000 hours. Since the LED bulb uses solid state technology, the vibration (dropping, etc.) that degrades conventional bulbs is not an issue with these LED bulbs.

Lamp Type:
Dimensions: 8.98"-L x 6.22"-OD
Weight: 1.5 Lbs.
Voltage: 120-277V AC 50/60hz
Watts: 43
Lumens: 4,200
Luminous Efficacy: 97.5 Lumens per Watt
Beam Angle: 70°
Color: 5000K Cool White
CRI: >80 (White)
Operating Temp:

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