10' Flood Light Tower - (3) 60W LED Fixtures & (2) 65W Remote Control Flood Lights - Electric Winch


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LM-10-1S-3XWP60E-2XGLR 10ft Fold Over Tower Quick Summary
Lamp Type: LED/Halogen 10` Foot Light Mast
Lamps: (3) 60 Watt LED Fixture & (2) 65W Remote Control Fixtures Steel Construction
Total Watts: 310 Power Coated Finish
Total Lumens: 18,800 (3x 5,400 & 2x 1,300) Electric Operation
Mast Length: 10 feet 90 Lumens Per Watt LED Efficiency
Materials: Steel 50,000 Hour LED Lamp Life
Finish: Powder Coated - Gloss Blue Remote Control Halogen Lamps
Operation: 600lbs Electric Winch  
Cable: 3/16" Galvanized Aircraft Cable
Mounting: 1/4" thick, 13"x15" Six Bolt Hole Bracket
Power: 15` SOOW Line-In Cable - 120V or 240V operation Toll Free: 1-800-369-6671
Weight: ~200 lbs Intl: 1-214-616-6180
Shipping: Common Freight
Options: Length- Mounting-Fixtures/ Call Us for Special Requirements
' Product Overview '
Made in the USA The Larson Electronics LM-10-1S-3XWP60E-2XGLR fold over single stage light mast provides a safe and effective way for operators to quickly deploy the equipped flood lights to elevation of ten feet. This light tower features three 60 watt LED flood lights, two remote control halogen flood lights, and electric winch for raising and lowering the light mast.  *PLEASE NOTE: ANY FREE SHIPPING OFFERS DO NOT APPLY TO LIGHT MASTS OR LIGHT TOWERS* This telescoping single stage steel light mast from Larson Electronics’ is designed to allow operators to quickly and safely deploy the equipped flood lights in locations where this equipment must be elevated to heights up to 10 feet for effective coverage. This light mast stands 10` tall when stood upright in the deployment position, and 32" when in laid down in the transportation position. The tower is constructed of square 3" by 3" by 1/8" thick steel tubing. The mast is extended to its full height using an included 600 lbs electric winch with 3/16" galvanized cable. Included with this light tower is three of our wet area suitable LEDWP-600E LED high output 60 watt LED flood light fixtures producing a combined total of approximately 16,200 lumens at 180 watts. The LEDWP-600E consists of forty-five LEDs housed within a waterproof aluminum housing that is powder coated for added durability and resistance to corrosion. The housing incorporates integral cooling fins for efficient heat dissipation and increased LED longevity. The LED lamp assembly is protected by a shatterproof polycarbonate lens which is secured to the housing with a waterproof seal. A 1/2" waterproof connector provides a secure and sealed power connection point and rounds out this unit`s weather resistant construction. Each floodlight is securely fastened to the light boom and stainless steel coated bracket and stainless steel hardware to provide secure mounting and resistance to rust and corrosion. The mounting assembly provides for 360/180 degrees of rotation and tilt to allow the user to position the unit as desired. This light tower also features two 65 watt remote control floodlights that each produce 6.5 million candle power, 1,300 lumen beam for a combined a total of 13 million candle power at 2,600 lumens and drawing 130 watts. Each light features 370° rotation and 140° tilt while producing a wide flood beam with limited spread or light spillage. Both light heads move simultaneously, requiring only one remote to operate both lights. These remote control lights are for hunting and demanding outdoor use with a weather resistant housing constructed of a high quality ASA Luran thermoplastic that is heat resistant, impact resistant, UV resistant, and able to withstand rugged use and abusive conditions.
Dark warehouse, illuminated by 100W incandescent bulb. Same warehouse being illuminated by a single LEDWP-600E.
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This image shows a dark road with no illumination but the moonlight and a distant street light. This image shows the same road, illuminated by a single remote control floodlight.
Remote Operation: Remote control functions include on/off, and 4 buttons which control up, down, left and right movement. The light will continue movement as long as the buttons are depressed. Releasing the buttons stops movement and holds the Golight in position. A fast and slow mode button (turtle/hare) controls the speed of the motor while the pan and tilt function buttons are depressed. Holding the button for 12 seconds in fast mode results in a full 370 degree rotation, and 8 seconds for full tilt. Slow mode is used for pinpoint accuracy at distance and is approximately 35 seconds for full rotation and 20 seconds for one full range of tilt.
The above image shows the three LEDWP-600E 60 watt LED light fixtures mounted at 10`. The side fixtures are angled 45° outwards from the center point, and all three fixtures are angled downwards 15°. The The area being illuminated is 300` in length and 250` in width, zoomed in to show the 75`-L by 80`-W area that is being illuminated by the light tower, with a minimum of 2.5 lux across the work area. This high output LED light fixture provides an even beam spread over the targeted work area without overcast, glare, light spillage, and wasted illumination. Color rendering is also increased with LED lighting, providing a more realistic night vision that more closely resembles natural daylight illumination.
The LM series of towers are powder coated with glossy blue finish for corrosion resistances and aesthetics. These light masts are typically mounted to trailers or other stable surfaces via a 15 inch by 13 inch, 1/4 inch thick mounting base-plate which has been drilled to accept six 1/2 inch anchor bolts. A 36" wide and 2" by 2" by 1/8" thick mounting plate provides a strong and stable platform for light fixtures. The electric winch features an automatic stop for the upright position, preventing operators from over extending the mast. A handheld remote control with 6` harness allows operators to raise and lower the mast from up to 6` away. This light tower weighs approximately 200 lbs. The entire tower assembly is shipped via common freight carrier and when shipped measures approximately 12 feet long, 4 feet wide, 5 feet tall and weighs approximately 500 lbs. Larson Electronics can custom tailor these units to the customer’s requirements with longer sections and larger mounting plates. We also offer a choice of either the manual 1,200 lbs hand winches included standard or optional electric winches. Suggested Applications: Temporary lighting, construction sites, and security camera deployment. We can equip this mast with 1000W or 1500W Metal Halide lights or a wide variety of high powered LED lights with comparable power, including the , , or .

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