Antenna Mounting Bracket for LM Series Towers - 2" Square Base to 2"OD Round Tube - Powder Coated


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The LM-XX-SP0127-ATM-02 from Larson Electronics is an Antenna Mounting Bracket for the LM Series of light towers. The LM-XX-SP0127-ATM-02 features a 2" square tube base for attaching to the light tower as well as a T-Handle for tightening and loosening the antenna bracket during installation and takedown for storage. The mounting base of the LM-XX-SP0127-ATM-02 is constructed from square tubing and measures fifteen inches in length. Along that 15" length are two pre-drilled thru-bolt holes that are 12" apart for securely attaching the antenna mount to the light tower. On top of the square tube base, is twelve inches of 2" OD round tube for mounting antennas. The LM-XX-SP0127-ATM-02 is powder coated for durability and corrosion resistance and finished in glossy blue for pleasing visual aesthetics.

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