Top Mounting Bracket for Mast - Replacement Top Mount Assembly for LM-25-7-5S-M1 or LM-25-7-5S-M2


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LM-XX-UMB-M2 Replacement Top Mount Assembly for LM-25-7-5S-M1 Quick Summary
Unit Type: Top Mounting Bracket for LM-25-7-5S-M1 or LM-25-7-5S-M2 Carbon Steel Construction
Dimensions: 14.27" x 12.25" Powder Coated Finish
Weight: -  
Design: Mounting Platform with Sides and Front-mounting Ears
Materials: Carbon Steel
Finish: Powder Coated - Black Toll Free: 1-800-369-6671
Mount: Mast
' Product Overview '
Made in the USA The Larson Electronics LM-XX-UMB-M2 Mounting Bracket is designed for securing equipment at the top of LM-25-7-5S-M1 or LM-25-7-5S-M2 masts. This 14.27" x 12.25" replacement top mount assembly has a powder coated black finish for durability in work sites. The LM-XX-UMB-M2 enables mounting of equipment at the top of LM-25-7-5S-M1 or LM-25-7-5S-M2 masts. Protected by a powder coated black finish, this accessory measures 14.27" x 12.25" and features a stable platform and front-mounting ears. Suggested Applications: Temporary lighting, construction sites, and security camera deployment. We can equip this mounting bracket with 1000W or 1500W Metal Halide lights or a wide variety of high powered LED lights with comparable power, including the , , or .

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