Larson 7-Stage Fiberglass Push Up Equipment Mast - Extends from 5.9 to 34 Feet - 24" Aluminum T-Head

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The LMP-FG-34-6-TH1-NB-M1 from Larson Electronics is a telescoping fiberglass pole to raise equipment above a work site or other environment. The telescoping pole is constructed from lightweight fiberglass and is equipped with a top mounting plate with a 24" aluminum T-head that can support equipment such as antennas, radios, and cameras. This telescoping fiberglass pole provides excellent corrosion resistance and UV resistance. This push up pole stands 5.9 feet tall when fully closed and can reach heights up to 34 feet when fully extended.
Pole Features:
The LMP-FG-34-6-TH1-NB-M1 can easily support weights of 30 pounds when fully extended which gives the pole the versatility to hold a wide variety of equipment. To extend and lower the pole, operators simply use their hands to raise or lower each section and lock them into place using the include clamps. This push up equipment mast features colored stops that indicate when to stop extending each section.
This 7-stage fiberglass equipment mast can be extended to 34' for maximum area coverage and collapsed to 5.9' for applications where a smaller footprint is required. The tower is constructed of durable and lightweight fiberglass. The outside diameters of the seven stages are as follows: base stage - 1.57"OD, second stage - 1.45"OD, third stage - 1.33"OD, fourth stage - 1.22"OD, fifth stage - 1.10"OD, sixth stage - 0.98"OD, and seventh stage - 0.86"OD. The mast is extended to its full height by hand and each stage is locked into place via integrated clamps.
This adjustable telescoping pole comes with a 24" aluminum T-head for mounting equipment such as antennas, radios, and cameras. The pole also works with a wide variety of user provided mounts. Common mounting includes U-bracket mounts to the side of flat surfaces. Additional mounting options sold by Larson Electronics allow users to attach the pole to a wall, trailer, the exterior of boat cockpits, etc, then slip the pole into the bracket and lock it into place. Once positioned, the fiberglass pole can be collapsed to 5.9 feet and extended to 34 feet.
This adjustable fiberglass pole is ideal for mounting lightweight equipment (up to 30 pounds) such as antennas, radios, and cameras on vehicles or boats, on buildings, in yards, and in other areas that equipment needs to be mounted in. The 34' maximum height allows for antennas and radios to clear nearby obstacles for better service and to improve the area of coverage for cameras. Similarly, these poles are ideal for attaching equipment to trailers. Operators can park the trailer, extend the pole to their maximum height, and cover a large area around the trailer with cameras or get the full benefit of attached antennas and radios. Once finished with their use, the pole is simply collapsed and the equipment stowed for travel. This is a highly convenient setup for those who manage events and gatherings where trailers are used as portable operations areas.
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Type: Telescoping Push Up Equipment Pole
Dimensions: Extends from 5.9' to 34' - 1.57" Max OD
Weight: 5.74 lb
Materials: Fiberglass
Weight Capacity: 30 lb
Mounting: 24" Aluminum T-Head w/ Black Powder Coat Finish

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