Single Stage Round Pole Light Tower - 20' Height - 36" x 36" Base Mounting Plate - Galvanized Steel


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Specifications / Additional Information
LMP-GS-20-3RD-12X12-V1 Single Stage Round Pole Light Tower Ratings/Approvals
Type: Single Stage Equipment/Light Tower Durable Steel Construction
Pole Dimensions: 20` Height x 3" Outside Diameter 1-Stage Pole Measures 20` High
Weight: 45 lb Galvanized Finish
Mounting: 36" x 36" Mounting Base Plate w/ 12 Predrilled Holes Designed for Anchoring to Concrete
Top Mounting Plate: 12" x 12" x 1/4" Steel Equipment Mounting Plate Made in the USA
' Product Overview '
Made in Texas The LMP-GS-20-3RD-12X12-V1 from Larson Electronics is a Single Stage Round Pole Light Tower that allows operators to lift lights, speakers, cameras and other electronic equipment to heights of up to twenty feet. This single stage round pole light tower is constructed from durable galvanized steel and is designed to be mounted to concrete via the 36" x 36" mounting base. The LMP-GS-20-3RD-12X12-V1 is also equipped with a 12" x 12" top mounting plate for mounting lights, cameras, and other equipment. The single stage galvanized steel pole on the LMP-GS-20-3RD-12X12-V1 stands 20` tall for wide area coverage of mounted equipment. When properly anchored, this single stage round light pole tower can withstand sustained winds of 90 MPH and gusts up to 120 MPH. The LMP-GS-20-3RD-12X12-V1 has an outside diameter of 3". Mounting: The LMP-GS-20-3RD-12X12-V1 is designed to be directly mounted to concrete. The 36" by 36" base mounting plate features twelve (12) predrilled holes around the perimeter for simple and quick installation using customer provided hardware. Equipment Mounting: The LMP-GS-20-3RD-12X12-V1 is equipped with a mounting plate for mounting lights, cameras, and other equipment. The mounting plate measures 12" wide x 12" long x 1/4" thick. Suggested Applications: Depending on the equipment the operator chooses to mount on this single stage round pole light tower, the LMP-GS-20-3RD-12X12-V1 is suitable for border patrol operations, security monitoring, law enforcement operations, military surveillance, covert operations and more. This unit may also be used to monitor outdoor events, large crowds, gatherings, chemical plants, food processing facilities, wastewater establishments, government sites, construction projects, remote operations, emergency camps and other large or industrial properties.  

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