200mW Crane Warning Laser - Red Pedestrian Safety Laser - Projects Red Dot on Floor - 120V - IP54


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Specifications / Additional Information
LZRWL-CRN-RED-200MW-DT-120V Crane Warning Laser Quick Summary
Light Type: Red Dot Laser Increases Safety Around Cranes
Dimensions: 9"H x 7.6"D x 7.4"Diameter Projects Red Dot on Floor from Heights up to 60`
Weight: 5 lbs Easy to Mount
Voltage: 120V AC Compact and Lightweight
Total Milliwatts (mW): 200 10,000+ Hour Service Life
LED Lamp Life Expectancy: 10,000 Hours
Cord Cap: 5-10P
Laser Configuration: Dot
Ambient Operating Temperature: -40°C to +50°C
Housing Material:Aluminum
Lens Material: Acrylic
Mounting: Surface Mount Bracket
Wiring Hub: Pigtail/Flying Leads
' Product Overview '
Buy American Compliant The LZRWL-CRN-RED-200MW-DT-120V from Larson Electronics is a Crane Warning Laser that is ideal for overhead crane safety and to warn people in the area to not walk under an operating crane. This compact 200mW laser produces a high-visibility dot of red light that projects on the ground from cranes up to 60 feet high and has a low voltage and amp draw and a 10,000 hour service life providing operators with a versatile and powerful laser safety lighting system. The LZRWL-CRN-RED-200MW-DT-120V crane warning laser light from Larson Electronics is a powerful laser pointer equipped with a special optic in front that allows it to project a single dot of bright, red light on the ground from heights of up to 60 feet. It is mounted on the arm of a crane and projects a bright dot onto the floor of the work location or area where the crane is operating. This particular unit is compact at only 7.4 inches in diameter by 9 inches tall by 7.6 inches deep, which makes it ideal for applications where electrical power and mounting space is at a premium. The LZRWL-CRN-RED-200MW-DT-120V crane warning lasers are weatherproof, sealed against intrusion by dust and dirt and very ruggedly constructed to withstand the most demanding environments, conditions and applications. A small profile, low power requirements, high durability and versatile mounting makes these crane warning lasers ideal for industrial manufacturing applications and anywhere requiring overhead crane safety lights. Similarly to forklift safety lights, this product will add an additional level of safety to the industrial environment by warning pedestrians of a crane`s movement when sound warnings may not be enough. Voltage: The LZRWL-CRN-RED-200MW-DT-120V operates on 120V AC voltages for output power and is equipped with a 5-10P cord cap. Durability: This crane warning laser is built to be durable and long lasting. The laser itself is rated for a 10,000 hour service life. The housing is industrial grade and rugged enough for heavy crane use and providing a safety indicator to people walking near the crane in many different conditions. The LZRWL-CRN-RED-200MW-DT-120V is rated as IP54 weatherproof and can be used in outdoor applications. Mounting: These crane warning lasers feature a small profile and lightweight, making them ideal for use in locations where traditional lights cannot fit or would block other mounted equipment. The LZRWL-CRN-RED-200MW-DT-120V features an adjustable U-bracket with a predrilled mounting thru-hole. The thru-hole bolt mounting design allows operators to rotate the bracket after mounting to accomodate any required mounting angle. Operators simply loosen the mounting bolt, adjust the angle of the mounting bracket to the ideal position and then retighten the bolt. The U-bracket on the LZRWL-CRN-RED-200MW-DT-120V also allows the laser to be oriented 180° vertically after mounting. This innovative mounting design allows this crane warning laser light to be an extremely versatile addition to workplace safety.

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