Larson 24' Mobile Observation Trailer - (2) Transformers - (1) AC Unit (4) LED Lights (1) HD Camera

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The MDT-12470D.24'5KVA-480D.75KVA-2XLT-1XCT-AC.3T-MOD1 from Larson Electronics is a Mobile Observation Trailer for use in outdoor locations and aerospace projects. The entire system is mounted on a 24'' tandem axle trailer for ease of transportation around work sites.
The MDT-12470D.24'5KVA-480D.75KVA-2XLT-1XCT-AC.3T-MOD1 is a complete mobile observation trailer for aerospace applications. This system is equipped with two transformers, two power distribution panels, eight receptacles, five 50' umbilical cables with heavy-duty protection, 3T air conditioner, three telescoping light towers, four high-intensity LED lights, one outdoor HD observation camera, TVSS surge protection, power meter with Modbus RTU capabilities, electrical rack and one low-intensity red LED safety light. All components are secured on a 24'' tandem axle trailer with a roof-mounted observation deck and accessible ladder.
The assembly contains two transformers. The first unit is a 24'5kVA dry-type transformer, with three-phase 12,470V primary and three-phase 480Y/277V secondary. Input power is brought into the system via five, 50' #1/0 umbilical cables with 200-amp dead break connectors. Output on the secondary side is facilitated by cam-locks.
The second transformer is a 75kVA step-down unit, with three-phase 480V primary and three-phase 208Y/120V secondary. Operators may access one three-phase 480V distribution panel and one three-phase 24'5-amp 208V panelboard with 42 circuits. The following receptacles are available for powering electrical equipment: (2) 60-amp pin/sleeve, (2) 30-amp pin/sleeve and (4) 20-amp quad GFCI receptacles.
TVSS surge protection is provided with the system. This 4-wire component is rated at 200 KA and operates with three-phase 480Y/277V AC. Operators can monitor power usage in real-time via a provided power meter. The meter offers 0.5% monitoring accuracy and Modbus RTU capabilities. For protection against rugged elements, the power meter is protected by a NEMA 4X rated enclosure with a lockable door. All electrical equipment is secured on a distribution rack inside the trailer.
Air Conditioning Unit:
Cooling is provided by a 3T indoor/outdoor air conditioner. Tied to the 208V panel, this unit features 18,000-36,000 Btu/h cooling and 18,000-40,000 Btu/h heating (at 47°F) capacities. Equipped with a drain lift mechanism, the air conditioner is finished in galvanized steel (indoor) and Munsell No. 3Y 7.8/1.1 (Outdoor). This unit is mounted at the front of the trailer.
Light Towers:
The MDT-12470D.24'5KVA-480D.75KVA-2XLT-1XCT-AC.3T-MOD1 contains three light towers, which are used to elevate four LED lamps and one HD outdoor camera above the observation trailer. This light boom can be extended to 30` for maximum area coverage and collapsed to 8.75` for applications where a smaller footprint is required. The tower is constructed of square steel tubing with a base section 8.75` in length and 6" by 6" by 3/16" thick, lower section 6.78` in length and 5" by 5" by 3/16" thick, middle section 6.93` in length and 4" by 4" by 1/8" thick, upper section 7.08` in length and 3" by 3" by 1/8" thick, and top section 7.58` in length and 2" by 2" by 1/8" thick. Each section has a 1`+ overlap. The mast is extended to its full height using an included 2,500 lbs hand winch with 3/16" galvanized steel cable.
The LM series of telescoping towers are powder coated with glossy blue finish for corrosion resistances and aesthetics. The masts are mounted to the trailer via a wall mounting bracket found near the bottom of the towers. The LM family of telescoping towers feature a proprietary mast guidance system, which provides increased stability during high winds. When lowered to 8.75`, the mast can withstand winds up to 125 mph.
LED Lights:
This assembly is equipped with four Larson Electronics GAU-LTL-500W-LED-600V high intensity LED lamps. Two LED lights are mounted per light tower, which are located outside of the mobile observation trailer. Each unit produces 67,500 lumens of high intensity light while drawing only 500 watts at 0.8 amps from a 600 volt electrical system. Forty-Eight Cree high output LEDs producing 1,406 lumens each are arranged in rows and paired with PMMA high purity optics to produce a well focused 24° wide spot beam that is ideal for providing far reaching concentrated illumination while still covering a substantial amount of area.
We also offer optional optics with 10° spot, 38° narrow flood, 60° flood, and 90° wide flood beam spreads. The spot beams are tightly focused and are designed for high elevation mounting to achieve distance, making spot versions ideal for high mast and spots lighting. The flood beams are designed to provide more light over a larger area nearer the fixture, making flood versions ideal for use as dedicated work and area lights.
The GAU-LTL-500W-LED-600V series of LED lights from Larson Electronics also offer IP67 rated construction that is designed to withstand extremes of environmental and operating conditions. These units can withstand rapid temperature changes of -40° Celsius to +80° Celsius, are waterproof, and resist ingress of dust, dirt and humidity. The housings are formed from die cast aluminum and the optics are high transmission PMMA with 98% light transmittance. The Cree LEDs help these units achieve resistance to vibrations and are rated at 70% lumen maintenance after 80,000 hours of use. We recommend these LED lights for use in applications where a lot of vibration, dust, dirt, dampness and abusive working conditions are encountered.
HD Camera:
Designed for outdoor observation, this unit features one full-HD security camera mounted on a powder-coated mast. The device provides operators with crisp 1080p full-HD high resolution images. A 4.7-94mm varifocal lens automatically adjusts focus, providing operators with precise 20x optical zoom levels. Integrated long-range IR LEDs, with a wavelength measurement of 850 nm, enable the day/night camera to see distances up to 492` under nighttime conditions. This unit offloads videos in MP4 format and features H.264 and MJPEG video compression. The PTZ camera measures a compact 14.38" x 7.12" and supports a variety of mounting options.
The IP security camera is designed to perform in outdoor locations and rainy conditions. This IP66-rated unit resists the negative effects of non-corrosive liquids. De-fogging features enable the unit to operate in rainy and foggy conditions. This device is capable of operating in temperatures between -24'°F and 149°F.
All system components are secured on a 24'' tandem axle trailer for mobility and seamless deployment around the work site. The enclosed, bumper-pull trailer is equipped with a roof-mounted observation deck, which is accessible by an attached ladder on the side of the trailer. For increased safety, the aluminum trailer contains one red low-intensity LED safety light at the side of the assembly.
Aerospace, power distribution, mobile observation, launch pads and more.
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System Type:
Qty: (2) (3) (1)
#1 Unit Type: Dry-type Transformer
Line-In: (5) 50' #1/0 Flexible 15kV Umbilical Cables w/ 200A Dead Break Connectors - Heavy-duty Cable Entrance Glands
Primary Voltage: 12,470V
Primary Phase: 3PH
Transformer: 225KVA 12470V to 480Y/277V 3PH, 60Hz
Secondary Voltage: 480Y/277V
Secondary Phase: 3PH
Secondary Output: Cam-locks
Temp Rise: 150ºC
Insulation: 220ºC
Materials: Aluminum Windings, Neoprene Pads
Enclosure Dimensions: 80" x 80" x 54"
Core/Coil Dimensions: 49" x 61" x 23"
#2 Unit Type:
Receptacle Protection:
Receptacle Location:
TVSS Surge Protection
: (2) Dry-type Transformer (5) 50' #1/0 Flexible 15kV Umbilical Cables w/ 200A Dead Break Connectors - Heavy-duty Cable Entrance Glands 12,470V 3PH 225KVA 12470V to 480Y/277V 3PH, 60Hz 480Y/277V 3PH Cam-locks 150ºC 220ºC Aluminum Windings, Neoprene Pads 80" x 80" x 54" 49" x 61" x 23" (3) Telescoping from 8.75` to 30` CREE LED (1) 14.38" H x 7.12" D
Power Meter Accuracy:
Power Meter Protocol:
Dimensions: 80" x 80" x 54" 49" x 61" x 23" 14.38" H x 7.12" D
Voltage: 12,470V 480Y/277V
Cooling Capacity Range:
Heating Capacity Range @ 47
° Beam Configurations: Angle of View:Ambient Temperature Range:
Minimum Circuit Capacity:
Blower Motor FLA:
Blower Motor Output:
SHF/Moisture Removal:
Outdoor Fan Motor FLA:
Airflow Rate (Indoor; Dry):
Airflow Rate (Indoor; Wet):
Airflow Rate (Outdoor; Dry):
Sound Pressure Level (Indoor):
Sound Pressure Level (Outdoor):
External Finish:
Mount Location:
Qty: (2) (3) (1)
Length: Telescoping from 8.75` to 30`
Materials: Aluminum Windings, Neoprene Pads
LED Lamp Qty:
Lamp Type: CREE LED
Single-lamp Dimensions:
Voltage: 12,470V 480Y/277V
Total Watts:
Single-lamp Watts:
Total Lumens:
Single-lamp Lumens:
Luminous Efficiency:
Beam Configurations:
LED Color Temperature:
LED Life Expectancy:
Optics Efficiency:
LED Drive %:
Amp Draw:
Ambient Temperature Range:
Materials: Aluminum Windings, Neoprene Pads
Housing Color:
Qty: (2) (3) (1)
Dimensions: 80" x 80" x 54" 49" x 61" x 23" 14.38" H x 7.12" D
Total Watts:
Voltage: 12,470V 480Y/277V
Image Sensor:
Effective Pixels:
Min. Illumination:
Electronic Shutter:
Angle of View:
Optical Zoom:
IR Distance:
Video Framerate:
Video Offload:
Video Output:
Ambient Temperature Range:
Housing Materials:
Lens Material:
Trailer Type:
Trailer Length:
Trailer Materials:
Observation Deck:
Safety Light:
Observation Deck:
Total Weight:
Shipping Dimensions:
Shipping Weight:

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