Larson Power Substation - 30 KVA - Converts 480V to Ten EXP 120V AC Outlets and One 208Y AC Outlets w/ GFCI

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PuriLite suggests you place an order directly with us for large Larson orders due to the potential customization requirements. Please call us at 1-844-787-5483 to place your order. If you prefer to place your order online, a PuriLite agent will be in touch with you to discuss any custom options.
This unit is Made In USA - Manufactured in Texas
The Larson Electronics MGS-30KVA-10XEPO120-1X240 heavy duty power transformer substation converts 480 VAC three phase electrical current to single phase 120V AC and 240V (208Y) AC. This unit provides operators the ability to safely tap into and distribute 480 Volt AC power from a variety of sources including generators and direct grid power. This model is designed for use for both linear (motor) and non-linear loads (lighting, computers, etc.).  For that reason, we deliver 120V and 208Y on the secondary and provide a neutral.
The MGS-30KVA-10XEPO120-1X240 transformer provides a safe and effective way for operators in industrial settings to tap into and utilize power sources independently of the work area. This unit provides an effective power source for operators performing plant turnarounds, maintenance and cleaning in hazardous areas, equipment installations and repairs and any activities requiring an alternative to native power sources. This unit is designed to operate with 480 3P which it then steps down to 120V single phase and 240 (208Y) VAC 3 phase. This transformer makes 120VAC available via ten GFCI protected 120V explosion proof 20 amp twist lock receptacles and 208Y VAC available via one GFCI protected 240VAC outlets. The explosion proof receptables are compatible with explosion proof plugs such as Larson Electronics EPP-15A and EPP-20A, Crouse Hinds plugs under catalog number "ENP5151" and Hubble-Killark Acceptor

plugs under catalog number "UGP-20231" and "UGP-20232."
20 feet of #6 SOOW cord connects line in power to a 60 amp disconnect switch fused at 50 amps, which controls current to the 30 KVA, 480 Volt, 3 phase transformer. The transformer is mounted to a 1/8” thick diamond plate and the distribution assembly is mounted onto a rugged 2" square carbon steel skid frame. The frame of this power distribution panel features 3" X 6" X 3/8" rectangular carbon steel forklift skid pockets, a top located pickey lifting eyelet, and four locking casters to allow easy transport.
This unit is weatherproof and ideal for use in applications including but not limited to, plant maintenance, wet location operations, as a welding station, shows and exhibits and marine applications. These units are popularly used in wet locations where external power sources are often necessary and work well in combination with explosion proof lights.
***Please note, this unit is not rated for hazardous locations and must be located outside of the hazardous environment. The explosion proof outlets on this unit and for compatibility with existing explosion proof plugs. This does not classify the transformer as explosion proof.***
Larson Electronics is a manufacturer and as such can build transformers to your Specifications. Although we carry several models of power distribution systems, we can deliver custom ordered units almost as quickly as our prebuilt units. If this model does not meet your needs, please contact us at 1-844-787-5483 or

Line In: 480 VAC Three Phase
Line Out: 120VAC - 240 (208Y) VAC Single Phase
KVA: 30
120 VAC Outlets: 10 X Explosion Proof 120V-20amp w/ GFI Breakers
240 (208Y) VAC Outlets: 1 X 208Y/250V 30 amp outlet w/ weatherproof box and cover
Protection: Onboard GFCI Circuit Breakers
Wiring: 20` Line Power SOOW Cord (#6)
Panel: 100 amp
Disconnect: 60 amp 3 Phase Disconnect fused at 50 amps
Mounting: Steel Skid Frame w/ Forklift pockets, pickeye Lifting Eyelet, and locking casters
Dimensions: 40"W X 32"D X 60"T
Max Amps Output: 100 amps 120/208Y 3 Phase
Max Amps Input: 54 amps @ 480V 3 Phase
Max Primary OCP: 60a MCB NEC Table 450.3(B)

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