100A Rack Mount Power Distribution - 208Y Input - (15) Receptacles - Camlock Input/FT


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MPD-SB09-CLP-FM-YT0YT-LZ-3.L35-12.N04-R1 Rack Mount Power Distribution Ratings
Line-In: (1 Set) 16 Series Female Camlocks w/ Covers [Blue, Red, Black, White, Green] Certified for United States & Canada
Line-Out: (1 Set) 16 Series Male Camlocks [Blue, Red, Black, White, Green] - Feed Thru, 400A Maximum NRTL Listed to UL 508A
Primary Voltage: 208Y NRTL Listed to UL 1640
System Amps: 100A NRTL Listed to CSA C22.2 No. 14
Secondary Voltage: 208Y/120V AC
Secondary Breakers: (3) 30A 2P [208V], (12) 15A 1P [120V]
Secondary Receptacles: (3) 30A L14-30R [125/250V], (12) 20A 5-15R Duplex [120V]
Power Monitoring: Power Indicator Lights (Input Camlocks), Power Meter LCD Monitor
Form Factor: 19" Rack mount ATA Case, Shock Mount 9RU ATA Cube w/ (2) Swivel Casters and (2) Locking Casters
Frame Materials: -
Dimensions: -
Weight: -
Larson Electronics manufactures a wide variety of custom power distribution systems. The pictures displayed for this unit are a general representation of form factor and may not accurately represent this exact configuration in every detail due to being custom builds. The specifics for this configuration are listed in the specification table and one-line diagram. *All grounding shall comply with state and local codes and meet the minimum requirements of the National Electronic Code section 250*
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Made in Texas The Larson Electronics MPD-SB09-CLP-FM-YT0YT-LZ-3.L35-12.N04-R1 Rack Mount Power Distribution is a portable power solution designed for stages, movie sets, concerts and entertainment sites. This mobile power distribution unit provides operators the ability to safely tap into and distribute 208Y power from a variety of sources, including generators and direct grid power, found in motion picture production. *PLEASE NOTE: ANY FREE SHIPPING OFFERS DO NOT APPLY TO POWER DISTRIBUTION PANELS, TRANSFORMERS, OR SUBSTATIONS* Portable Power Distribution Purpose and Use The MPD-SB09-CLP-FM-YT0YT-LZ-3.L35-12.N04-R1 portable power distribution system gives operators the ability to power their 208 volt and 120 volt equipment from a single system within live recording and entertainment venues. An accessible LCD monitor at the top of the unit allows highly visible monitoring of power usage and allocation during use. From equipment testing to live recording sets, these portable stations make power at busy production sites readily available and safe to use. On the primary side, operators connect 208Y line-in power using one set of 16 series female camlock inputs with covers (blue, red, black, white and green) and to one set of 16 series male camlock outputs (blue, red, black, white and green) for feed-through operation. The secondary side contains three NEMA L14-30R twist lock receptacles for 208V equipment and twelve NEMA 5-15R duplex straight blade receptacles for 120V equipment. Operation: One set of 16 series female camlock inputs with covers (blue, red, black, white and green) brings 208Y into the primary side of the 100-amp mobile power distribution unit, which contains one set of 400-amp maximum 16 series male camlock outputs for feed-through operation. The secondary side is equipped with three 30-amp 2-pole 208V breakers protecting three 30-amp 125/250V L14-30R receptacles and twelve 15-amp 1-pole 120V breakers protecting twelve 15-amp 120V 5-15R duplex receptacles. Protective Construction: All components are secured inside a compact 19" rack mount ATA case. This black case features side-located handles for mobility around the production or recording site. Four casters (two swivel and two locking) are available at the bottom of the power distribution unit, which allows operators to move the station easily without lifting. Dual locking casters ensure stable use and safe storage when being transferred in trucks or other large vehicles. This durable case is resistant to shock and takes on a standard design that is similar with professional recording equipment. It can withstand frequent handling around live stages and loading/unloading at outdoor locations. Certification: All units are built in accordance to NFPA 70 (National Electric Code) and certified to UL 1640. All equipment is NEMA 3R rated for indoor and outdoor use and provide a degree of protection against dirt, water, and ice. NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X equipment can be equipped upon request. Applications: This power distribution system is ideal for indoor or outdoor use and applications including but not limited to, movie sets, entertainment, television sets, stage lighting, studio recording, sporting events, rigging, audio and video production, concerts and motion picture production. These power distribution systems are popularly used in applications where external power sources are often necessary. We also offer class rated transformers for use within explosion proof and hazardous location environments. Custom Built Systems Available: Larson Electronics is a manufacturer and we can build portable power distribution systems to your specifications. Although we carry several models of portable power distribution systems in stock, we can deliver custom ordered units almost as quickly as our prebuilt units. If this model does not meet your needs, please contact us at 1-800-369-6671 or to discuss your specific requirements.

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