2.4 KVA High Voltage DC to Low Voltage DC Converter - 125V DC Input to 24V DC Output


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Specifications / Additional Information
Specifications / Additional Information
MT-HVDC-125V-2.4KVA-24V-HD-R1 DC to DC Converter Summary
Device Type: High Voltage DC to Low Voltage DC Converter Shock and Vibration Resistant
Input Voltage Range: 125V DC (100-140V DC) Fan Cooling
Frequency Range: -  
Output DC Voltage: 24V DC @ 50 Amps  
Rated Power: 2,400W
Line Regulation:  
Load Regulation:
Duty Cycle: 100% Power for 24 Hours/Day
Output Ripple and Noise: <50 mV rms
Derating: -2.5% per °C up to +70°C
Isolation: Fully Isolated Input-Output 1500V DC, Output-Case 500V DC
Input Internal Fuse: 25A MDA  
Front Panel: Off/On Rocker Switch, Fuse and Indicator Lights to Indicate "Output Present" and "Over Temperature"
Protection: Over Voltage Crowbar, Over Current, Short Circuit, Reverse Polarity, Over Load, Thermal Shut-down, Current Limiting  
Efficiency: >80%  
Audible Noise: None at 3 Feet, 34.5 dB When Fan is Operating  
Operating Temp: -25°C to +40°C
Housing: Hard Anodized Military Grade Extrusion
Mount: Surface w/ Carrying Handle
Input Cord/Output Cables: AWG 6
Dimensions: 17" x 16.4" x 7"
Weight: 14.4 lbs
' Product Overview '
The MT-HVDC-125V-2.4KVA-24V-HD-R1 from Larson Electronics is a High Voltage DC to Low Voltage DC Converter that is designed to convert input voltages ranging between 100-140V DC (125V DC) to 24V DC at 50 amps. This device supports the following protective mechanisms: over voltage crowbar, over current, short circuit, reverse polarity, over load, thermal shut-down and current limiting. The 2,400-watt unit is suitable for use in marine-related installations, electro-mechanical applications, semi-conductor fabrication equipment and factory automation. Features: The heavy-duty DC to DC converter offers an input range of 100-140V DC (125V DC). On the output side, low voltage 24V DC is provided at 50 amps. This 2.4kVA unit comes with a 25-amp MDA input fuse. The front panel contains an off/on rocker switch, fuse and indicator lights, which provides "output present" and "over temperature" statuses. This DC to DC converter can be derated at -2.5% per °C up to +70°C. The industrial power converter comes with over voltage crowbar, over current, short circuit, reverse polarity, over load, thermal shut-down and current limiting protection. This device features an efficiency rate of 80 percent and low power dissipation. At a distance of three feet, the DC to DC converter does not emit noise. When the fan is operating, the device emits 34.5 dB of audible noise. This unit is protected by a hard anodized military grade extrusion housing that is highly resistant to shock and vibration. Wiring: The MT-HVDC-125V-2.4KVA-24V-HD-R1 is compatible with AWG 6 wiring for input cords and output cables. Mount: This DC to DC converter can be surface mounted on flat surfaces. An accessible carrying handle enables seamless transportation. NOTE: In order to obtain the best performance and the longest operational life from these units, it is recommended that you do not exceed 75% of the unit's output amperage. Running these units at 100% of their capacity can create excess heat and lead to shortened converter life.

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