Rotary Phase Converter for 10HP Easy Loads, 690V 1PH to 3PH, 3.34 Amps Output, 15HP Idler, NEMA 1


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Specifications / Additional Information
MTPC-LD-RB-690V-15HP-10HP-N1 Rotary Phase Converter Ratings/Approvals
Unit Type: Rotary Phase Converter Indoor Use (NEMA 1)
Phase Conversion: Single Phase to Three Phase Built-in Motor Starter
Kilowatt Rating: 11.2 KW Start/Stop Push Button Switch
Kilo Volt-Amp Rating: 15 KVA Accurate Voltage Balancing
Idle Motor Horse Power: 15 HP Power Indicator Light
Single Phase Voltage Input: 690V Made in the USA
Minimum Fuse/Circuit Breaker Size: 10  
Maximum Fuse/Circuit Breaker Size: 25  
Minimum Wire (Input) to Converter: 8 AWG  
Minimum Electrical Service Required: 20 KVA
Idle Amps: -
Service Load Type: Easy motor loads
Three Phase Voltage Output: 690
Maximum Single Motor Load HP: 10 HP
Recommended Combined HP: 10 HP
Optimal Output Amps: 3.34A
Maximum Output Amps: 9.55A
Maximum Resistive Amps: 4.9A  
Voltage Balance: 2-5%  
Minimum Wire to Device Load: 10 AWG  
Form Factor: Rectangular Enclosure, Cylindrical Idler w/ Four Legs
Color: Natural Gray
Weight: - lbs
Dimensions: -
Shipping Weight: - lbs
Shipping Dimensions: -
' Product Overview '
Made in the USA The Larson Electronics MTPC-LD-RB-690V-15HP-10HP-N1 15 horsepower rotary phase converter is designed to convert single phase power to three phase power for Easy motor loads. This phase converter accepts a single-phase 690V input and provides a three-phase 690V output. Operators may use this rotary phase converter to power equipment and machines with Easy motor loads up to 10 horsepower and 3.34 amps that require three phase power in locations where only single phase power is available. Applications: The MTPC-LD-RB-690V-15HP-10HP-N1 is ideal for applications that utilize Easy motor loads. This includes actuator, cement hopper, door opener, drill press, folding machine, glass maker, glue spreader, hydraulic garbage baler, hydraulic tin can baler, manual mill, power feeder, reeling machine, rotary dishwasher, shoe machine, table saw, trash compacter, wood chipper and any other application that induces a Easy motor load up to a recommended 10 horsepower. The MTPC-LD-RB-690V-15HP-10HP-N1 rotary phase converter is suitable for converting single phase 690V on-site power to three phase 690V power for equipment. This 15 HP idler motor phase converter connects to existing 690V single phase. After conversion, the phase converter provides three-phase 690V on the output side at 3.34 continual amps with a maximum of 9.55 inrush amps. All MTPC series phase converters provide +/- 2-5% voltage balance on the output side, depending on the single phase input power, for maximum efficiency and reduced stress on the motor. This rotary phase converter features a built-in motor starter with a start/stop push button switch for seamless activation. The power distribution blocks are oversized for easy installation in the preferred location. The MTPC-LD-RB-690V-15HP-10HP-N1 control panel is housed in a NEMA 1 enclosure, making it suitable for indoor environments. This level of protection allows the rotary phase converter to withstand the ingress of solid objects, such as falling dirt. All of Larson Electronics LLC's phase converter control panels are NRTL certified to UL 508A. The MTPC series of rotary phase converters are designed to operate based on overall load size. This includes operating multiple devices from one rotary phase converter, providing the combined horsepower of all devices being operated simutaniously does not exceed the horsepower rating for the load type. This includes fractional motors up to 10 HP motors, and any combination of motor sizes in between. Instant reversal motors are no problem for the MTPC series phase converters. Each phase converter comes ready to install. Rotary Sizing: The MTPC-LD-RB-690V-15HP-10HP-N1 is sized for heavy/hard motor loads up to 10 horsepower. When correctly sized, Larson Electronics phase converters will provide years of trouble free service for your equipment. Larson Electronics offers single phase to three phase static and rotary phase converters for easy, medium, hard, and very hard motor loads. The motor load is dependant on the devices intended to operate on the phase converter. For additional load types or for additional sizes, please see the below links or call us today.

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