400 HP Medium Voltage Soft Starter - 2.4 kV, 60 Hz - 120V Control Voltage - 6 KVA Insulation - N12


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MTSTR-MV-3P-2400V-120A-V1 Medium Voltage Soft Starter Features/Ratings
Unit Type: Medium Voltage Soft Starter NEMA 12
Dimensions: 92.5" x 36" x 90" HMI Interface
Weight: 2,140 lbs Protective Functions
Capacity: 400 HP Class R Fusing
Voltage: 2,400V 6 KVA Insulation
Control Circuit Voltage: 110-120V  
Phase: 3PH  
Frequency: 60 Hz  
Rated Amps: 120A  
Number of Starts: 2 per Hour  
Start/Stop Control Modes: Ramp Voltage, Constant or Ramp Current Limitation, Pump Control, Torque Control  
Protection: Under Voltage, Under Current, Phase-balance Current, Phase Sequence, Incomplete Sequence, Instantaneous Overcurrent Trip, Overcurrent Trip, Power Factor Check, Over Voltage, Frequency Check, Lockout Relay - Electronic, Ground Fault Detection Instantaneous and Fault Current, Winding/Bearing Temperature  
Fault History: Last 10 Faults w/ Date, Time, Motor Current, Power Supply Voltage and Operating Status Data  
Interface: LCD HMI - 9 Keys  
Status Indicators: 22mm Pilot Lights (Run, Fault, Bypass, Emergency Stop)  
Ambient Temperature: -10C to 40C  
Humidity: 5-90% Maximum NC  
Elevation: 0-3,300 Feet
Materials: -
Finish: Epoxy Powder Munsell Gray
Inputs: (6) Insulated Digital Inputs, (2) Differential Analog Inputs
Outputs: (3) NO/NC Contact Relays, (2) Insulated Analog Outputs
PC Connection: USB 2.0
' Product Overview '
The Larson Electronics MTSTR-MV-3P-2400V-120A-V1 Medium Voltage Soft Starter provides reduced voltage starting solutions for industrial equipment. Protected by a NEMA 12 enclosure, this unit offers compatibility with 2,400V three-phase 60 Hz and features several protective functions. The 120-amp rated voltage starter is equipped with a control voltage of 110-120V and can be mounted on walls or surfaces. The MTSTR-MV-3P-2400V-120A-V1 is a medium voltage soft starter, which can be used to soft start and preserve industrial motors that accepts medium voltages. This 120-amp rated unit is compatible with 2,400V three-phase 60 Hz and can handle two starts per hour. The 400 HP soft starter is equipped with a control voltage of 110-120V and 6 kVA insulation. Operators may access a graphic LCD display with 9 function keys for controlling the settings of the device. Finished in epoxy powder gray paint for durability and aesthetics, pilot lights on the soft starter serve as run, fault, bypass and emergency-stop status indicators. Operators may record up to 10 faults for data logging and saving. Each record contains the following information: date/time, motor current, power supply voltage and operating status. The MTSTR-MV-3P-2400V-120A-V1 supports numerous protective functions: • Reduced Voltage Starting and Bypass • Under Voltage/Current • Phase Balance Current Protection • Phase/Incomplete Sequence • Instantaneous Overcurrent Trip • Power Factor/Frequency Check • Winding/Bearing Temperature The reduced voltage starter is protected by a heavy-duty NEMA 12 enclosure. Cooling is provided by natural wind, making the unit suitable for indoor locations with adequate ventilation. The presence of corrosive gas or conductive heat may hinder the performance of the soft starter. Recommended environments include: 5-95% maximum non-condensing humidity and elevations between 0-3,330 feet. Mount: The medium voltage soft starter contains six insulated digital inputs, two differential analog outputs insulated by a differential amplifier and USB port for PC connections. On the output side, the unit features three NO/NC contact relays (digital) and two analog insulated outputs. Mount: The MTSTR-MV-3P-2400V-120A-V1 can be securely mounted on walls or surfaces. Applications: Industrial motors, overload protection, reduced voltage starter, equipment preservation, pumps, manufacturing belts, inrush control, power monitoring and more.

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