30' Pneumatic Light Mast - 14ft Trailer PV A-Frame Mount - Solar Collector Battery Box - AC Charger


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Specifications / Additional Information
PLM-30-TLR14-PVF-SOLJB-BCH Trailer Mounted Pneumatic Light Mast Quick Summary
Light Mast Specs: Pneumatic Light Tower Extends 30` Above Trailer Deck Height
Tower Length: 8.25 feet - 30 feet 360° Mast Rotation w/ Position Key-way Locks
Capacity: 150 lbs Durable NEMA 3R Ventilated Housing to Protect PV Controller Components
Materials: Heat Treated 6063B/T5 Aluminum 2" Ball Hitch
Operation: Pneumatic via Electric Air Compressor 14` x 6` Trailer bed - <13` Towing Height
Air Compressor: 120V, 220V, 12V, or 24V DC Electric Air Compressor Stop/Tail/Turn Light, License Plate Lights & Reflective Tape for Highway Use
Stages: Five Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breakers
Stage Lengths: 88.5"L x 5.5"D Base section, 86.6"L x 4.65"D, 85.4"L x 3.85"D, 84.25"L x 3.23"D, 83.1"L x 2.6"D Top section A-Frame Mount for User Provided PV Arrays
Mast Head: 44"-L x 2"-W x 2"-D x 1/8"T Battery Bank Enclosure for User Provided Batteries
Mounting: Single Axle trailer AC Battery Charger for Emergency Use Charging
AC Battery Charger for Emergency Use Charging
Trailer Specs
Materials: Steel
Bed Type: Diamond Plate
Trailer Dimensions: 14`-L x 6`-W Trailer Bed
Trailer Nominal Dimensions: 19 `L x 8.5`W
Trailer Bed Height: 23" Above Ground  
Hitch:  2" Ball Coupler  
Finish: Industrial Grade Coating  
Lighting: Stop/Tail/Turn & License Plate Lights  
Wiring: 4-Pin Flat Trailer Plug (standard)  
Axle: (1) 3,500 lbs  
Suspension: 2,700 lbs Double Eye Leaf Springs  
Outriggers: (4) 24" Retractable Outriggers w/ 1,000 lbs Manual Leveling Jacks  
Wheels: (2) 15" 5x4.5 Steel Rims  
Tires: ST205/75/D15 H188  
Solar Specs  
Panels: Accepts (2) 96" x 38" Panels (User Provided)  
Panel Sail (Deployed): -  
Panel Sail (Transit): -  
Method of Deployment: Fixed Mount  
System Voltage: 12 Volts or 24 Volts DC  
Battery Bank: Accepts up to (2) 8D Batteries (User Provided)  
Battery capacity: -  
Primary (PV) Protection: (2) 15A PV Approved, DC Rated, Hydraulic-Magnetic Breakers  
Ground Fault Protection: 15A PV Approved, DC Rated GFP  
Battery Input Protection: 60A PV Approved, DC Rated Hydraulic-Magnetic Breaker  
Battery Output Protection: 60A PV Approved, DC Rated Hydraulic-Magnetic Breaker  
Weight: -
Shipping: Common Freight
Shipping Weight: Approx. 650 lbs
Options: Length- Mounting-Fixtures
Call Us for Special Requirements
' Product Overview '
Made in the USA The PLM-30-TLR14-PVF-SOLJB-BCH trailer mounted photovoltaic system with pneumatic light tower from Larson Electronics is a photovoltaic platform for remote applications and off-site power generation. A 30 foot extendable pneumatic light tower provides a safe and effective way for operators to quickly deploy lights, security cameras and other equipment to elevations up to thirty feet. An adjustable A-frame mount provides a stable mounting solution for customer provided solar panels. The solar photovoltaic charge control system is mounted within a weatherproof job box, which provides storage room for customer provided equipment. The entire assembly is mounted onto a 14` single axle trailer, allowing operators to transport this fold over boom from location to location. Larson Electronics`s’ PLM-30-TLR14-PVF-SOLJB-BCH trailer mounted photovoltaic system with pneumatic light tower allows operators to quickly and safely deploy illumination, security equipment, or network coverage in locations where elevated is needed for maximum area coverage and access to standard line voltage is limited or non-existant. Pneumatic Light Tower: This five section pneumatic light boom can be extended to 30 feet above trailer deck for maximum area coverage and collapsed to 8.25 feet for transport or when not in use. The tower is constructed of aluminum round tubing with five sections measuring 7.38` length by 5.5" OD base section, 7.22` length by 4.65" OD, 7.11` length by 3.85" OD, 7` length by 3.23" OD, and 6.93` length by 2.6" OD top section. The mast is extended to its full height using the equipped air compressor with automatic pressure sensor. The aluminum pneumatic mast reaches 30` in height above the deck of the trailer via the use of a low voltage air compressor located within the job box. The compressor is equipped with a pressure switch that maintains the pressure within the mast. Once the mast is deployed from the component control center, its operation is automated. The air compressor will turn on briefly when the pressure in the mast falls below the fully inflated threshold. In normal operation, the air compressor may turn on once every few days for about 5 minutes to top off the mast. When it is time to take the mast down for transport, the operator simply release the pressure switch and the mast will slowly release pressure and lower to its full collapsed height of 8.25` above deck. At the top of the mast, we include a mounting bracket that is 44" wide and 2" by 2" by 1/4" thick, which provides a strong and stable platform for standard payloads up to 150 lbs. of electronics, including lights, camera or sensors. These mounting brackets can be built to customer specifications to include the holes necessary to mount their gear. Included with this unit is high output LED light fixtures. The mast can be rotated a full 360°. By loosening the T-Handle, operators can rotate the mast with easy in either direction. The mast can be positioned in one of four different keyhole lock-ways to ensure the mast does not move during higher winds, and locked back in place by re-tightening the T-handle. This ensures the mast does not move once position is set. Alternatively, the mast can be locked into place by tightening the T-handle down in between the keyholes, however, higher wind speeds may offset the mast head slightly after position without guy wires. The mast itself spins freely with easy once the T-handle has been loosened, and can typically be rotated with a single hand.
Solar Panel Assembly: The trailer is equipped with a pivoting A-frame mounting structure to allow operators to equip two user provided solar PV panels up to 96" by 38". This A-frame mount will allow operators to lock in the position the panels at 45° for deployment, and lay flat for storage/deployment. Solar Charging System: In this 12 volt or 24 volt system solar control system, each panel is protected via a 15-amp hydraulic-magnetic PV approved, DC rated circuit breaker before the combiner box. A PV rated ground fault protector is wired before the charge controller, to detect any ground faults from the panel array and trip before becoming a fire hazard. With the circuit breakers set to the `on` position, the combiner box passes power to the 60-amp capacity Morningstar TriStar MPPT solar charge controller. On the output side of the output side of the charge controller is a 60-amp hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker, which feeds DC power to the 24V battery bank. Oddly enough, most charge controllers aren’t rated past 104 degrees Fahrenheit despite the fact the will always be close to direct sunlight. In the summer time in Texas, our fabrication shop is normally warmer than that, so this solar light tower uses a charge controller that would support the southern heat. We improve on that capability by shading the charge controller and adding additional air flow from the exhaust of a 1400 CFM component cooling system. Component Control Center: In order to ensure that the 50% threshold on the batteries is controlled, this solar trailer includes a system of min/max voltage sensors and relays that monitor the voltage produced by the batteries and will automatically shut off power distribution when the battery capacity falls below 50%. This protects the batteries from failure. We also include a Morningstar RM-2 remote digital monitoring system to track and log all activities related to the charger controller and battery health. In the event there is an issue with the solar trailer, the SD card can be removed from the Morningstar RM-2 and sent to Larson Electronics for analysis. Battery Bank: This solar photovoltaic system is designed to operate on 24V DC. The NEMA 3R control job is designed to accept up to two 8D 12V batteries. Batteries are not included and are operator provided or sold separately. Larger battery banks can be made upon request. The battery terminals are equipped with a quick disconnect for servicing. DC output is protected by a 60-amp hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker. An AC battery charger allows operators to recharge the battery bank should the capacity drop below operational levels during periods of no solar irradiance. Trailer Assembly: The pneumatic light mast, photovoltaic array frame, and solar charge control center are mounted to a 14` x 6`, single axle trailer with 15" wheels. Constructed of 2" by 3" square tubing, this trailer can be mounted on any 2" ball type receiver hitch. This trailer is equipped with a 4-pin flat plug for the tail lights, and four corner leveling stabilizer jacks. Four outriggers mounted to the corners of the trailer allow operators to level the trailer, and provide stabilization during deployment. All trailer lighting complies with DOT/FMVSS regulations. We can equip this mast with 1000W or 1500W Metal Halide lights or a wide variety of high powered LED lights with comparable power. We also offer a choice of either the manual 1,000 lbs hand winches included standard or optional electric winches. Call us at 1-800-369-6671 or contact us at to discuss any special custom ordering requirements. Suggested Applications: Construction sites, event lighting, emergency services, highway projects, industrial plants, mining and excavation and anywhere a mobile light source with large area coverage capability is needed. 

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