Remote Control Pan/Tilt Base - Military Class - 360° Cont. Rotation, Magnet Mount - 30A-Slip Rings System - IP67


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Specifications / Additional Information
PTB-3-M-MLSPC Remote Control Pan/Tilt Base Ratings
Unit Type: Military Class Pan/Tilt Base IP67
Dimensions: 9.5" -OD x 8.99"-H Weatherproof
Weight: - Supports Pelco D Protocol
Payload Capacity: 50 lbs. Supports ONVIF Profile S Protocol
Positioning: High-precision @ 0.1°  
Rotation: 360° Continuous Rotation
Slip Rings Current Rating: 30 Amps
Protocol: Supports Pelco D via RS-485 serial port and ONVIF Profile S via Ethernet Port
Materials: -
Mount: Magnetic Mount - (4) 200 lbs. Magnets of 1,000 lbs. Magnetic Grip Force
Ports: Ethernet, RS-485 Serial Port
' Product Overview '
The Larson Electronics PTB-3-M-MLSPC Remote Control Pan/Tilt Base provides military class foundational support and movement for equipment. This IP67 rated unit offers 360° continuous rotation and accurate positioning. Equipped with a 30-amp rated slip rings system, operators may access Ethernet and RS-485 ports on the device. A magnetic base enables magnetic mounting on compatible surfaces. The PTB-3-M-MLSPC is a military class pan/tilt base for rugged applications and carries an IP67 rating. This device offers 0.1° high-precision positioning features. Capable of continuously rotating a full 360°, the pan/tilt base comes with a 50 lbs. payload capacity. A slip rings system, rated at 30 amps, facilitates signal transmissions and connections. Accessible ports include: Ethernet and RS-485 serial port. The internal gears of the unit provide no slip and no "slop" during operation, and the pan/tilt base holds its position after movement has stopped. Mounting: Mounting for this unit is provided via a magnetic base consisting of four, 200 lbs. magnets for a total of 1,000 lbs. magnetic grip force. This pan/tilt base will keep its position during storms and strong winds, and holds up to vibrations in vehicle and offshore applications. The wireless remote control is operated from the wireless key fob, is battery operated, and controls up, down, left, right, and on/off.

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