24" LED 1080P Monitor - Compatible with DVR and NVR Series


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The SCR-24IN-LED-1080P from Larson Electronics is a 24€ 1080p LED Monitor, compatible with our NVR Network Video Recorder series and our Analog DVR series. This glossy, hard coated LED monitor produces excellent sound quality with integrated speakers, and allows direct audio streaming from handheld devices. This 1080p screen is virtually borderless, for side by side screen setups that flow together almost seamlessly, ideal for security, military and operations. The monitor can be tilted forward and backward allowing operators to adjust to their preferred viewing angle. This LED monitor has power saving features to minimize energy consumption and has wall mount capabilities. Applications: Remote surveilance, outdoor/indoor recording activities, video capturing, law enforcement operations, military recording, industrial surveying, security during outdoor events, commercial security systems, residential camera support and construction sites.

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