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This super-compact sight glass light provides for integral light/sight port (single flange version) or separate light and sight port (dual flange version) illumination of visual flow indicators, pipelines, laboratory mixers and other closed vessels and reactors. Suitable for food processing and is designed for Non Hazardous Areas. The light must never be inserted into a vessel wall as sealing element without appropriate sight glass disc and fitting. Styles and Size: This powerful, super-compact light is designed to give glare free illumination in combination with circular sight glasses of the following styles and sizes: - circular flanges Model DIN 28120, DN 50 and larger - circular flanges Bolt-on type - visual flow indicators - circular screwed flanges Series MV 65 and larger - on DN 65 fittings the light is installed by means of an adapter flange which fits under the cover nut - on fittings size DN 80 or larger the light is installed by means of a hinged bracket Protection: Dust and water jet proof to IP 65. Ambient Condition Operating Range: The unit is independent of any internal vessel pressure or vacuum. It is suitable for ambient temperatures of 80 °C at the cable gland. When ambient temperature exceeds 40°C, consult factory when ordering. Power supply: - 120 V; halogen lamp 50 W Installation: The light is usually bolted with its hinged bracket to the respective sight glass assembly, such as the cover flange of a bolted circular Sight glass or the slotted cover nut of a screwed flange sight glass.  The necessary M6 bolt is furnished with the light. Lamp Change: - switch off the light and disconnect the power supply - take special spanner to unscrew the glass lens ring - replace halogen lamp with lamp of same type and size, ensure bare fingers do not touch the glass - refit light glass cover tightly and reconnect power Electrical Connection: - the cable should be suitable for the ambient conditions, for low voltage and the selected power - ensure that the cable outside diameter matches the gland cover nut and seals - use the special claw spanner to loosen the glass lens ring and remove lens ring - loosen the gland cover nut - insert gland through opening and ensure that the outer cable sheath protrudes well into the housing - connect the bared leads properly to the ceramic terminal block inside the light and tighten gland cover nut - when closing the light, ensure that the rubber ring seal has been inserted properly into the groove of the light body - tighten lens ring firmly with special spanner Parts, Construction and Materials: Light body: Corrosion resistant die cast aluminum, G-Al Si 10 Mg Cable gland:  stainless steel 304 or similar Light window: Unit of aluminum ring, glass, rubber ring seal Fastenings: stainless steel 304 or similar

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