4.8KW Solar Powered Security System - (20) 240W Panels -11kW Diesel Gen - 120/240V Inverter

LARSON ELECTRONICSSKU: PL3-SPG-4.8K-1600A-ISDG.11KW--120.240V-100A-BC.40.240

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Specifications / Additional Information
SPG-4.8K-1600A-ISDG.11KW--120.240V-100A-BC.40.240 Trailer Mounted Solar Panels Quick Summary
Solar Specs Fully Solar, No Fuel Needed
Panel Qty: (20)  
Total Panel Watts: 4,800W  
Single-Panel Watts: 240W  
Method of Deployment: Manual  
System Voltage: 24 Volts  
Battery Capacity: 1600aH @ 24V  
Battery Charger: 40A  
Outlets: (2) 50A Twist [120/240V], (4) 20A [120V]
Solar Inverter: 120/240V
Generator: 11kW Diesel
Trailer Specs
Materials: -
Transport Dimensions: 8'-W x 23' 6"-L x 10' 6"-H
Deployed Dimensions: 12' 6"-W x 22'-L x 21'-H
Dry Weight: 8,450 lbs
Axle: -
Suspension: -
Outriggers: -
Wheels: -
Tires: -
Weight: -
Shipping: Common Freight
Shipping Dimensions: -
Shipping Weight: -
Options: Length- Mounting-Fixtures/ Call Us for Special Requirements
' Product Overview '
The SPG-4.8K-1600A-ISDG.11KW--120.240V-100A-BC.40.240 from Larson Electronics is a Solar Powered System that is designed for outdoor and remote locations. This unit features twenty, 240W solar panels and an 11kW diesel generator. *PLEASE NOTE: ANY FREE SHIPPING OFFERS DO NOT APPLY TO MASTS OR TRAILERS* This solar powered security system includes 4,800-watt solar panels, battery bank, accessible outlets, solar inverter and an 11kW diesel generator. All system components are secured on a trailer for seamless mobility. Solar Panel Assembly: This unit is comprised of twenty, 240-watt weatherproof solar panels at 4,800 watts total. The panels can be deployed and adjusted manually in order to maximize sunlight intake. For backup power, the system features an 11kW diesel generator. Battery/Outlets: The battery bank offers 1,600aH at 24V and comes with a 40-amp battery charger. Equipped with a 120/240V solar inverter, operators may access the following receptacles on the system: (2) 50-amp twist [120/240V] and (4) 20-amp [120V]. Component Control Center: All the electrical components are encapsulated in a NEMA 3R job box that is bolted to the trailer. Since most of these components are not rated for high heat, our component cooling system circulates air within the job box at 1400 CFM when the ambient temperature exceeds 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Transport: All system components are secured on a heavy-duty trailer. This trailer measures 8'-W x 23' 6"-L x 10' 6"-H. At full deployment, the unit measures 12' 6"-W x 22'-L x 21'-H. This system weighs approximately 8,450 lbs.

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