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Specifications / Additional Information
SPG366A-600-NE Solar Equipment Mast Summary
Light Mast Specs 20 Foot Pneumatic Tower
Tower Length: 20` Aluminum Construction
Materials: Aluminum NEMA 3R Weatherproof Rating
Finish: Powder Coated - Desert Tan (4) 1,000lb Retractable Outriggers
Operation: Air Compressor (Not Included) Removable Hitch
Air Hose: Included  
Tower Weight Capacity: 198 lbs  
Trailer Specs
Materials: Steel
Solar Panel Mount: External Mounting Brackets
Trailer Dimensions (w/ tongue): 10.23` L x 6.17` W x 10.61` H
Hitch: 2" Ball Coupler
Wiring: 7-Pin Flat
Suspension: 2,700lb Leaf Springs
Outriggers: (4) 1,000 Manual Crack Leveling Jacks - Retractable
Wheels: (2) 15" 5x4.5 Steel Rims
Tires: ST205/75/D15 H188
Finish: Powder Coated
Weight: +-1200 lbs
Shipping: Common Freight
Shipping Dimensions: 6-L x 6.25`-W x 10.62`-H
Shipping Weight: +-1700 lbs
Options: Length- Mounting-Fixtures/ Call Us for Special Requirements
' Product Overview '
Made in Texas The SPG366A-600-NE from Larson Electronics is a Solar Trailer with Mast, which is ideal for holding customer-provided equipment and deployment in remote work locations. This unit has a small footprint that makes it ideal for a wide variety of work locations. An air hose and external mounting brackets for customer-provided panels are included with this system (air compressor and solar panels are not included/sold separately). *PLEASE NOTE: ANY FREE SHIPPING OFFERS DO NOT APPLY TO LIGHT MASTS OR LIGHT TOWERS* The SPG366A-600-NE is ideal for operators who have the need to deploy security equipment, cameras, network gear, or other electrical equipment on work sites or job locations where power is not readily available. The towable unit can be transported and deployed by a single operator for increased versatility on the job. The equipment tower is raised and lowered via a customer-provided air compressor (air hose is included). External mounting brackets for customer-provided solar panels are included with this system. Light Mast/Equipment Tower: The SPG366A-600-NE features a twenty-foot tall pneumatic light tower and equipment mast. The aluminum mast is raised and lowered to its full height via a customer-provided air compressor. When installed, the compressor is operated via controls mounted on the inside of the unit's access door. Once the customer-provided compressor switch is turned on, it will automatically begin to raise the mast and any mounted equipment to a height of twenty feet. Another very useful feature of the customer-provided air compressor is that it will automatically "top off" every few days to ensure that the mast stays in a fully extended position for longer deployment periods. Trailer: The SPG366A-600-NE comes mounted on a durable and ruggedly constructed pyramid style trailer that is designed with both toughness and ease of use in mind. The trailer features a removable tongue, spring axles and four retractable 1000 pound manual crank leveling outriggers for safe and secure job location deployment. The solar panels are mounted to the powder coated desert tan pyramid enclosure and have a slider system that allows them to be open during operation and slid over each other for safer transit. For long term deployment scenarios, the tongue can be removed by pulling out a retention pin and removing the tow cables before pulling the tongue straight out for a smaller footprint, and to reduce the chance of theft during deployment. The pyramid enclosure also offers operators plenty of room for logos and advertisements if so desired. The pyramid enclosure carries a NEMA 3R weatherproof rating. The top of the pyramid enclosure is fully removable for easier maintenance access and to allow operators to more easily install their security equipment within the housing. Deployment: The deployment process on the SPG366A-600-NE is simple and can be done by a lone operator. Once the trailer is towed to the desired location, it is disconnected from the towing vehicle. The retractable outriggers are then extended and used to level the trailer. The wheels coming off the ground during this process is not unusual. The tongue can also be removed at this point if the unit is being used for a lengthy deployment. Once leveled, the operator then pulls out the safety retention pin on the solar panel slider and slides the front (customer-provided) solar panel all the way to the right before replacing the pin.
We offer a wide variety of options to customize this solar trailer, including 120/240V outlets, LED light heads, cameras, antennas, access points, network equipment, additional battery and panel capacity. We also offer other customizations, including taller masts and stainless steel assemblies for saltwater applications.

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