Solar Powered LED Light Beacon - Class I - 30 Strobing Patterns - Remote Signal - 10' Whip w/ BC - Skid/Pole Mount


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SPLED-SM.KT-CL1B-MOD1 Solar LED Beacon Ratings/Features
Operation: 24/7, On/Off, Day/Night, Motion, or Flying Leads SAEJ845, Class 1- Brightest Rating
Pole Height: 28" Multi-Strobe Pattern Options
Panel Dimensions: 14.3"-W x 27.89"-L x 3.19"-D Waterproof
Beacon Dimensions: 4.5"H X 6.5"Diam Solar Panel w/ 16 Amp Rating
Weight: N/A Remote Signal
LED Beacon Watts: 14.4  
LED Beacon Amps/Hour: 1.2  
Lumens: 1,440
Luminous Efficiency: 100 Lumens per Watt
Lighting Configuration: Strobing Flash
Visibility: Up To One Mile  
Remote Signal: Relay, 10` Whip w/ Blunt-cut End (24V DC Signal)  
Ambient Temp: -45°C to +55°C
Runtime: 12 Hours
Charging Time: 5 Hours
Battery: (2) 8aH Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
Mount: 24" x 16" Skid w/ Forklift Pockets, Casters /Pole Mount @ 45°
Wiring: 20' SOOW Cord (LED Beacon to Panel)
' Product Overview '
Made in the USA The Larson Electronics SPLED-SM.KT-CL1B-MOD1 Solar Powered LED Beacon is a Class I, innovative lighting solution suited for applications requiring a high visibility strobing beacon capable of stand alone operation. With the system mounted on a skid platform with a 28" pole, the unit is visible for more than a mile and offers 30 different strobing patterns. This unit can be seen during the day or night. A 10` whip with a blunt-cut end is provided for remote signaling features. This Class I, Solar Powered LED beacon (strobing) light produces a brilliant strobing flash that is visible for distances of up to one mile. A 14.4 watt LED strobe light is powered by two 8aH sealed lead acid battery that is automatically recharged during daylight hours by a 30 watt solar panel. The 30 watt solar panel recharges the battery in 5 hours with direct sunlight and can power the beacon for 12 hours with a full charge. As with all solar powered equipment, charging time is affected by the amount of available ambient light. When ambient light levels drop below a certain level, such as on very cloudy days, the unit will not recharge. The solar LED beacon is capable of receiving a remote signal for operation. A 10` whip with a blunt-cut end is provided for operators to send a signal to. Upon receiving a signal, the relay will turn the light on. The LED light stays on until the signal voltage stops. The system accepts a 24V DC signal.
This solar panel is configured to operate non-stop 24/7, day/night with photocell, motion sensor for security purposes, on/off switch for manual operation, or flying leads for operators to connect to user provided external switches. The day/night and motion sensor is programmed to active the solar panel in the evening and to shut it off during the day, activating the LED light when ambient lighting falls below 1 lux. The motion sensor will activate the panel upon detecting movement within range of the panel. The sealed lead acid battery pack is contained within the solar panel, not the light. The beacon is connected to the panel by a 20-foot SOOW cord that provides flexibility for positioning of the solar panel and beacon into their respective optimum locations independently of each other. The waterproof beacon with this unit has a black powder coated die cast base that contains a fully potted circuit board. A clear polycarbonate lens protects the LED assembly and the housing is waterproof, shock resistant and built for reliable and durable operation. The beacon consists of an LED lamp that draws only 1.2 amps and is capable of producing 30 different strobing flash patterns that are visible for more than one mile. This unit can operate during daylight or night time operations. Mount: The solar panel is mounted on a 24" x 16" skid platform with two locking and swivel casters, as well as forklift skid pockets. The panel is secured on a 28" pole, with a 45-degree tilt, to ensure maximum exposure to sunlight.
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Additional options: Further options include larger batteries and different lights, additional mounting options and different length connecting cords. The SPLED-SM.KT-CL1B-MOD1 Solar Powered LED Beacon is an ideal solution for applications which require an effective obstacle/hazard/warning light, location strobe, attention getting or marker light that have limited or no access to external power sources such as in rural locations or marine environments.

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