300W Pole Mounted Solar Panel - (6) 80aH Li-ion Batteries - (2) 20' 12/3 SOOW Cords


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SPLEDXL-24V-240AH.LP-12.3-20C Pole Mount Solar Panel Summary
Panel Dimensions: 65.43"L x 38.98"W x 1.81"H 100% Solar - Requires no External Power
Weight: - Pole Mounted
Panel Wattage: 300W
Voltage: 24V  
Battery Type: Lithium-ion  
Battery Capacity: (6) 12V 80aH Lithium-ion Batteries, Wired for 24V - 240aH Usable Special Orders-Special Requirements
Run Time: 14 Days of Automation w/o Sun for 0.25A Draw, 7 Days of Automation w/o Sun for 0.5A Draw, 3.5 Days of Automation w/o Sun for 1A Draw, 1.75 Days of Automation w/o Sun for 2A Draw
Materials: -
Housing: NEMA 3R
Panel Mounting: Pole
Wiring: 20' 12/3 SOOW Cord between Box and Panel, 20' 12/3 SOOW Cord from Battery Box to Customer Device
' Product Overview '
The Larson Electronics SPLEDXL-24V-240AH.LP-12.3-20C Pole Mount Solar Panel is an ideal power solution for remote areas and standalone applications where connection to external power is either impractical or unavailable. This solar-powered system consists of one 300W solar panel and six 80aH lithium-ion batteries. The battery bank is protected by a NEMA 3R enclosure. This solar panel is powered by six 12V 80aH lithium-ion batteries that are recharged by the 300-watt solar panel during sunlight. This pole mount unit operates on a 24 voltage system. The solar-powered solution offers the following run times: 14 days automation w/o sun for 0.25 amp draw, 7 days automation w/o sun for 0.5 amp draw, 3.5 days automation w/o sun for 1 amp draw and 1.75 days automation w/o sun for 2 amp draw. The lithium-ion battery pack is contained within the solar panel in a NEMA 3R enclosure. As with all solar powered equipment, charging time is affected by the amount of available ambient light. When ambient light levels drop below a certain level, such as on cloudy days, the unit will not recharge. Wiring: An included 20` 12/3 SOOW cord runs between the solar panel and the battery box, offering operators convenience and flexibility during the mounting process. A 20' 12/3 SOOW cord is also available from the battery box to a customer-provided device. Mount: Mounting options include the ability to attach the fixture to flat surfaces such as walls or round/square pole mounting such as on flagpoles or structure supports. Applications: Suggested uses for this solar panel include both commercial and industrial applications as well as consumer based installations. This panel is ideal for boat docks, remote locations that rely on batteries for power, hunting cabins, parking areas, and anywhere a standalone power solution is needed.    

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