Container Solar Lighting Package - (2) 2' LED Lamps, (1) 265W Solar Panel, (2) 250aH 8D Batteries


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SPLEDXL-2XGVP242L-LED-2X250AH-MOD1 - Container Solar Lighting Package Features
Solar Panel/Battery Specs: High Output T8 Style LED Tube Lamps
Operation: 24/7, On/Off, Day/Night, Motion, or Flying Leads 50,000+ Hour LED Life Span
Panel Dimensions: 65.43"L x 38.98"W x 1.81"H Reduced Energy Consumption With Improved Output
Panel Wattage: 265W Vapor Proof
Panel Mounting: Surface or Pole Vibration/Shock/Impact Resistant
Battery: (2) 250aH 8D - 500aH Total/250aH Usable 100% Solar - Requires no External Power
Charging Time: - Multiple Configurations Available
Runtime: 48 Hours (2 Days) w/o Sunlight Surface or Post Mount Panel
Wiring: 15` 16/2 SOOW Cable w/ Deutsch 2-pin Disconnect (2) 2` LED Fixtures
LED Lamp Specs:  
Lamp Quantity: 2  
Lamp Type: LED  
Lamp Dimensions: 25"L. X 5-7/8"W. X 4-3/16"H  
Total Weight: 8 lbs  
Voltage: 24V DC  
Total Watts: 56W  
Total Lumens: 7,000 lms  
LED Lamp Life Expectancy: 50,000+ Hours  
Luminous Efficiency: 125 Lumens per Watt  
Color Temp: 5600K, 4500K or 3000K  
Color Rendering Index: >80  
Beam Angle: 160°  
Power Efficiency: 90%  
Power Factor: >0.95  
Amps: 2.33 @ 24V  
Ambient Operating Temp Range:-30° C to +85°C
Housing Material: Polycarbonate
Lens Material: Polycarbonate
Mounting: Surface or Chain Standard
Hubs: 1/2" NPT
Package Contents: (1) 265W Solar Panel, (2) Batteries, (2) LED Lamps, 15` SOOW Cable w/ Disconnect
' Product Overview '
The Larson Electronics SPLEDXL-2XGVP242L-LED-2X250AH-MOD1 Container Solar Lighting Package is a low voltage lighting solution for compact spaces without access to reliable power. This package includes two 28-watt vaporproof LED fixtures, one 265-watt solar panel and two 250aH 8D batteries. At a fully charged state, the system can operate for two days (48 hours) without sunlight. The SPLEDXL-2XGVP242L-LED-2X250AH-MOD1 is a solar-powered lighting package for containers. This system contains one 265-watt solar panel, two 28-watt LED fixtures and two 250aH 8D batteries. The solar panel is configured to operate non-stop 24/7, day/night with photocell, motion sensor for security purposes, on/off switch for manual operation or flying leads for operators to connect to user provided external switches. The day/night and motion sensor is programmed to activate the solar panel in the evening and shut it off during the day, activating the LED lights when ambient lighting falls below 1 lux. The motion sensor will activate the panel upon detecting movement within range of the panel. Powered by two 250aH 8D batteries for a total of 500aH (250aH usable), the LED fixtures can operate for 48 hours (2 days) without sunlight when the battery is fully charged. The sealed lead acid battery pack is contained within a separate enclosure. As with all solar powered equipment, charging time is affected by the amount of available ambient light. When ambient light levels drop below a certain level, such as on cloudy days, the unit will not recharge. The solar panel is compatible with surface or pole mounting applications. The included 15` 16/2 SOOW cord with Deutsch 2-pin disconnect that runs between the solar panel and the light offers operators convenience and flexibility during the mounting process.
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LED Lamps: This package features two 28-watt LED lamps (total of 56 watts), each equipped with two specially designed LED T8-series bulbs which produce 1,750 lumens each (total 7,000 lumens). Compatible with 24V DC, the two foot long, two lamp LED light fixtures are designed for those who wish to replace or upgrade from fluorescent equipped fixtures and offers better light output and longer lamp life with reduced maintenance costs. We have eliminated the ballast normally associated with fluorescent fixtures which reduces overall weight and overall complexity of installation. There is no ballast in this unit and the included LED lamps have a 50,000+ hour service life, both of which result in extreme efficiency and greatly reduced maintenance costs. These fluorescent LED lamps have internal drivers, eliminating external power components. The solid state design of the LED lamps give this fixture superior resistance to damage from vibration, extremes in temperature and a lamp service life over twice that of standard fluorescent bulbs. This second generation lamp is offered in 5600K cool white, 4500K natural white, and 3000K warm white. Our standard unit ships with 5600K unless different color temperature is specified. Unlike the glass tube design of traditional fluorescent lamps, these LED T-Style lamps have no filaments or fragile housings to break during operation. Instead of using a combination of gases to produce light, light emitting diodes (LEDs) use semi-conductive materials that illuminate when electric current applied and emitting light. The LED assembly is mounted to the "tube" constructed from extruded aluminum, with a polycarbonate lens protecting the LEDs. With LED lights, there is no warm up time or cool down time before re-striking and provide instant illumination when powered on, adding to the reliability of LED technology. By nature, LED light sources run significantly cooler than fluorescent lamps, reducing the chance of accidental burns and increased temperatures due to heat emissions. This solid state design of light emitting diodes provides a more reliable, stable, durable, and energy efficient light source over traditional fluorescent lighting.
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Wiring: Operators may access a 1/2" NPT hub on the LED fixtures for completing wiring connections. Mounting: This low voltage unit is designed to be either surface mounted or hung from cable or chain and includes built in mounts. The LED lights come with a multi-purpose mounting bracket that can be used for direct surface mounting or reversed and used for chain hanging the unit. Larson Electronics has further upgraded the options available with this solar-powered system. A six foot extension cord connects the solar panel to the LED light, allowing the light to be mounted separately from the panel. This means the solar panel can be mounted in direct sunlight while the light is mounted in a workspace. The cord between the light and panel ends in Deutsch connectors, allowing an optional longer extension cord to be attached, increasing the distance the light can be installed from the panel. Optional longer extension cords are available at additional cost. Alternatively, the light can be mounted directly to the panel. Larson Electronics can also configure this light for special requirements including different lights and larger batteries.

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