Solar Powered Industrial Horn - 8 Tones - NEMA 4X - 110 Decibels - 30W Solar Panel


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Specifications / Additional Information
SPWASN-HRN-PA Solar Power Industrial Horn Ratings/Approvals
Type: Solar Powered Industrial Horn NEMA 4X Rated
Horn Dimensions: 10.8"L x 10"W x 10"H UL Listed
Horn Control Box Dimensions: 9.5"L x 6"W x 4"D Marine Rated
Weight: 19.5 lbs
Materials: Cast Aluminum & Fiberglass
Volume: 110 dBa @ 10 Feet
Mounting: Omni directional mounting bracket, 1/2" conduit access
Operating Modes: 8 User Selectable Field Tones
Ambient Operating Temperature: –55°C to +85°C (–67°F to +185°F)
Solar Panel Solar Panel Features
Operation: 24/7, On/Off, Day/Night, Motion, or Flying Leads Multiple Mounting Options
Panel Dimensions: 14.3"-W x 27.89"-L x 3.19"-D Solar Panel w/ 8 Amp Rating
Weight: 15 lbs Waterproof
Ambient Temp: -45°C to +55°C
Runtime: 12 Hours
Charging Time: 5 Hours
Battery: (4) Sealed Lead Acid Battery Toll Free: 1-800-369-6671
Mounting: Surface or Pole Intl: 1-903-270-1187
Wiring: 15` SOOW Whip w/ Blunt Cut Ends E-mail: 
' Product Overview '
The SPWASN-HRN-PA from Larson Electronics is a Solar Powered Industrial Siren that is NEMA 4X rated, weather and dust proof and includes 8 tones that can reach up to 110dBa while also being remotely operated. The included 30 watt solar panel recharges the 2 batteries in 5 hours with direct sunlight. The SPWASN-HRN-PA industrial horn provides operators in wet locations with an effective and powerful alert/signal system that can withstand demanding conditions and be heard over the operation of industrial machinery. This unit includes 8 different tones which can reach peak output of 110dBA and can be remotely operated for priority alerts. The housing on this solar powered horn is constructed of heavy duty aluminum and the horn is formed fiberglass. The entire unit is finished in durable grey powder coat for resistance to corrosion, is weatherproof/dustproof, and NEMA4x and marine rated for wet environments. Wiring is through a 1/2" conduit access hub and mounting is via an omni directional bracket which allows mounting to flat surfaces and vertical adjustment of the horn for secure placement and optimum sound direction.
The solar panel is weatherproof and designed to catch the maximum amount of sunlight possible when properly mounted. As with all solar powered equipment, charging time is affected by the amount of available ambient light. When ambient light levels drop below a certain level, such as on very cloudy days, the unit will not recharge. This solar panel is configured to operate non-stop 24/7, day/night with photocell, motion sensor for security purposes, on/off switch for manual operation, or flying leads for operators to connect to user provided external switches. The day/night and motion sensor is programmed to active the solar panel in the evening and to shut it off during the day, activating the LED light when ambient lighting falls below 1 lux. The motion sensor will activate the panel upon detecting movement within range of the panel. The sealed lead acid battery pack is contained within the solar panel, not the connected equipment. The mounting apparatus is designed to allow a variety of mounting options including flat surfaces such as a wall and square or round pole mounting. The SPWASN-HRN-PA features a 15 foot whip of SOOW cable off the panel with a blunt cut end. Operators provide their own additional wiring to accomodate their specific mounting and wiring circumstances.
Tones (Selectable by switch on sound module):
1. Continuously running train of eight sounds in sequence 2. Wail - conventional siren 3. Yelp - rapid siren 4. Two-tone 5. Whoop - ascending low to high 6. Yeow - descending high to low 7. Horn - Steady 8. Beep - slow intermittent horn 9. Stutter - rapid intermittent horn 0. Remote-Enables remote selection of: (7) - Horn (4) - Two tone - alternating (3) - Yelp - rapid siren (1) - Wail - manual siren

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