Larson Explosion Proof Switch w/ 36" Switchblade Arm - C1D1&2 and C2D1&2 - Adjustable Swing Arm

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The SWAM-SBDL-36-EXPSW from Larson Electronics is an Explosion Proof Feed Through Tumbler Switch w/ Switchblade Arm that is UL Listed Class I Divisions 1 & 2 and Class II Divisions 1 & 2 and provides a safe and secure method for operators to interrupt power before connecting and disconnecting portable or stationary electrical devices and equipment in hazardous locations as well as allowing for the mounting of lighting fixtures and other equipment on a convenient and versatile 36" swing arm.
This explosion proof tumbler switch with switchblade arm is ideal for operators seeking a high quality explosion proof switch rated for use in hazardous areas designated Class I Divisions 1 & 2 and Class II Divisions 1 & 2 as well as a versatile mounting system for light fixtures and other equipment. This explosion proof switch is rated at 20 amps-120-277V AC and 1 HP at 120V AC and 2 HP at 240V AC. The entire switch unit is constructed of malleable iron and contains an internal sealing chamber constructed of copper free aluminum. The switch on this unit is located near the mounting plate of the included 36" swing arm that is easily wall mounted via integral mounting tabs at two corners of the housing and provides two 1/2" hub openings located on the top and the bottom of the housing for running electrical conductors in a feed through configuration. A bushing seal at each conductor opening prevents damage to wiring insulation.
This unit is rated to handle electrical loads of 120-277V AC up to 20 amps and is suitable for use in environments where combustible dusts and particulates may be present.
The SWAM-SBDL-36-EXPSW features an adjustable two-part swing arm constructed of light weight aluminum. The two piece arm design provides two pivot points, one at the mounting bracket and one in the center of the swing arm. The aluminum swing arm swings 170° from the mounting bracket point and 340° from the center pivot point, while a mounted light head is vertically adjustable up to 270°, providing full adjustability. This switch blade swing arm measures 36" long and can be mounted with the operator provided light head oriented on the top side or bottom side of the arm, allowing operators to illuminate objects in any location. This swing arm is ideal also for mounting the unit to loading door areas and docks for use as a loading bay or dock light.
The SWAM-SBDL-36-EXPSW explosion proof switch cover and housing box is constructed of malleable iron with all arcing devices contained within an explosion proof labyrinth switch for the highest protection possible. This design does not require external sealing fittings. Each 1/2" hub opening is fitted with an integral bushing to prevent fraying or damage to insulation. Two external mounting lugs provide simple and secure mounting of the unit to walls and flat surafces. The unit box, switch, and face plate are all included with the product.
1/2" NPT tapped conduit openings are provided on the top and bottom of the unit in feed through versions while dead end versions have a single conduit hub, providing easy and secure connection to main power line supplies.
Suggested Applications:
Manufacturing, Industrial, Warehouse, Lighting, Lighting, Wet areas or Locations Where Combustible Dust is Present.
Contact for more information about our custom options tailored to meet your specific industry needs.

Switch Voltage Rating:

Switch Current Rating:
Grounding: Single Internal Housing Ground Screw
Configuration: Feed Through, Front Switch
Hub Qty: (2) Feed Through or (1) Dead End
Hub Size: ) Feed Through or (1) Dead End
Unit Materials: Box/Receptacle- Malleable Iron, Sealing Chamber-Aluminum
Finish: Triple-coat—Zinc Electroplate, Chromate, Epoxy powder coat
Insulation: Integral Bushings in Conductor Openings
Mounting: Adjustable Swing Arm w/ Surface Mount Bracket
Unit Dimensions: 3.00"W X 4.69"D X 6.13"L, Swing Arm: 36"L
Switch Type:

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