Larson Trailer Hitch Mount Equipment Tower - Telescoping 10' to 25' - 4-Stage Aluminum Tower - Anodized Aluminum

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The TAPTH-25FT from Larson Electronics is a Trailer Hitch Mount Equipment Tower that allows operators to lift lights, speakers, cameras and other electronic equipment to heights of up to twenty feet. This four-stage trailer hitch mount tower is constructed from durable aluminum and extends from 10 feet to twenty feet while allowing for quick deployment of mounted equipment. When completely collapsed, the TAPTH-25FT will easily fit into the bed of most pickup trucks.
The four-stage aluminum pole on the TAPTH-25FT can extend up to 25' and collapses down to 10' for storage, lower elevation of camera operation and transportation. The bottom stage of this unit measures 36.25" tall by 5" wide while the top stage has an inner diameter of 1". There is 10.75" of space between the center of the trailer hitch and the bottom of the tower's mast as well as 20.75" of ground clearance between the center of the trailer hitch and the ground.
This trailer hitch mount tower is constructed of heavy-duty anodized aluminum. This unit seamlessly attaches to a standard size trailer hitch and raises to 25' without the need for any tools. The aluminum pole is lightweight without compromising strength to support mounted equipment and the trailer hitch mount is built for strength and flawless deployment even in difficult conditions.
The TAPTH-25FT offers a straightforward process for operators to deploy in the field. Upon arrival at the target location, the operator attaches the trailer hitch mount to the desired hitch. The hitch section can be adjusted using a T-handle for trucks and vehicles of different heights. Once it is firmly attached to the hitch mount, the collapsed aluminum pole is placed into the vertical structure of the trailer hitch mount and secured by tightening the T-handle. The operator then places the mounting plate with the attached equipment to the top of the 25` aluminum pole. Extension of the pole to maximum heights is also a simple process that doesn`t require any tools. The operator twists each stage of the pole to loosen the locking mechanism and uses a hand-over-hand motion to fully extend each stage before locking it into position. Lowering the pole uses the same procedure (in reverse).
Suggested Applications:
Depending on the equipment the operator chooses to mount on this trailer hitch mount equipment pole, the TAPTH-25FT is suitable for border patrol operations, security monitoring, law enforcement operations, military surveillance, covert operations and more. This unit may also be used to monitor outdoor events, large crowds, gatherings, chemical plants, food processing facilities, wastewater establishments, government sites, construction projects, remote operations, emergency camps and other large or industrial properties.
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Type: Trailer Hitch Mount Equipment Tower
Pole Dimensions: Telescoping - 10' to 25'
Payload Weight Capacity:  35 lb
Mounting: Trailer Hitch Mount w/ Telescoping Aluminum Pole
Top Stage Inner Diameter (ID): 1"
Clearance: 10.75" Between Hitch & Bottom of Mast; 20.75" Between Hitch and Ground

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