Telescoping HID Work Light Tower - Wall Mount Bracket - 2 X 70 Watt HID Flood Light - 3 to 8 feet


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TPM-HID-2X6670 HID Light Tower TPM-HID-2X6670 Features
Lamp Type:2X HID Work Lights IP67 Rated Weatherproof & Waterproof
Dimensions: Telescoping- 3` to 8.5` Adjustable Telescoping Light Pole Extends 3` to 8.5`
Total Watts: 140 Multiple Power Connector Options
Lumens: 12,600 Low Amp Draw
Voltage: Multi-Voltage- 12 or 24 Long 3.500 Hour HID Life
Amps: 8.4 on 12 VDC - 4.2 on 24VDC CE Certified
Mounting: Flat Surface Mounting Bracket w/ Telescoping Light Tower EN55015 EMI
Lighting Configuration:: Spot or Flood EN61547 EMS
HID Light Color: 6500K EN62471 Photobiological Safety
HID Life Expectancy: 3,500 Hours
Wiring: Y-Connector- 8 Cord Options
HID Housing Colors: Black or White
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  Fax: 1-903-498-3364 
' Product Overview '
Made in the USA The Larson Electronics TPM-HID-2X6670 Pole Mounted Light Tower is a telescoping pole that allows operators to elevate two HID light heads adjust their height from 3 feet to 8.5 feet. The TPM-HID-2X6670 comes complete with two IP67 rated 70 watt HID light heads and produces a 12,600 lumen flood of light capable of illuminating an area 500’ in length by 500’ feet in width. This temporary pole mounted unit is multi-voltage capable and can be used with either 12 or 24VDC and is ideal for use as work area illumination, event lighting, emergency operations lighting, first responder applications, equipment lighting and is suitable for use on any vehicle that will accept a hitch mount. The TPM-HID-2X6670 work area light tower provides operators with a very versatile lighting solution for operations where easily managed illumination of large sized areas is required. Two IP67 rated 70 watt HID floodlights create a total of 12,600 lumens of bright white light and provide light coverage for an area 500’ long by 500’ wide. This unit can also be ordered in spotlight configuration to produce a beam 4200’ long by 180’ in width. This light tower is extendible from 3’ to 8.5’ and incorporates a flat surface side mounting system that allows operators to easily secure the fixture to vehicle beds, lift carts, or trailer walls at any location. This mounting system provides extremely secure placement of the tower in areas where high winds are commonly encountered as the weight of the vehicle removes the possibility of the unit swaying excessively or tipping over.
Durability: The TPM-HID-2X6670 temporary pole mounted light tower incorporates two of our IP67 rated, 70 Watt HID work lights on a collapsible aluminum tripod. These HID lights each have a 70 watt HID bulb producing 6,300 lumen each, which each paired with high purity 35 degree optics to produce a wide area flood beam with exceptional spread. Optional spotlight versions have 10 degree optics and produce a much longer and tighter spotlight beam. These weatherproof HID lights are IP67 rated and sealed against intrusion by dust and dirt and very ruggedly constructed to withstand the most demanding environments, conditions and applications. The HIDs have a 12G RMS vibration proof rating which is achieved by a combination of the various rubber bushings on the mounts of the HID units and the inherent durability of the HID lamps. Since HID lamps have no fragile filaments that can break or burn out they are much more resistant to damage from vibrations and impacts than normal incandescent lamps. This HID unit is a IP67 rated fixture. This means that it is completely water and dust proof so it can be used in environments that meet lower than average expectations. Rain, sleet, or snow, these HID work lights are an exceptionally bright and efficient way to illuminate any area while utilizing the low voltage electrical systems of a vehicle. Mounting: This adjustable mounting pole is ideal for work and rescue vehicles as operators can mount the pole next to the vehicle or trailer and elevate the lights starting at three feet up to eight and a half feet to illuminate the surrounding area. By elevating the lights this high, they can eliminate casting and glare while better illuminating a larger area. Essentially, this adjustable pole provides the benefits of having a mast mounted light without actually having a mast. Once the lights are no longer needed, the pole can be collapse down to three feet and the lights secured before getting underway. Similarly, these poles are ideal for attaching lights to trailers. Operators can park the trailer, extend the lights to their maximum height, and illuminate a large area around the trailer. Once finished with their use, the pole is simply collapsed and the lights stowed for travel. This is a highly convenient setup for those who manage events and gatherings where trailers are used as portable operations areas. This unit also includes several wiring options to further increase versatility and ease of use. The HID lights used with this light tower automatically sense incoming voltage levels and adjust input current accordingly, allowing either 12 or 24 volt DC current to be used without any need for modifications or additional hardware.   Angle Adjustment: This unit allows operators to adjust the angle of the entire unit by positioning the trailer hitch at different angles as seen in the pictures above. Adjusting the angle of the tower is accomplished by loosening a thumb bolt at the base of the hitch, which enables the mount to swivel 180 degrees (given enough ground clearance, a greater swivel angle can be achieved.) Once the desired angle is found, simply re-tighten the thumb bolt to lock the hitch into place. Alternatively, the light heads can also be adjusted while the hitch is at a lock-in position. Connectors: These units connect both HID light heads together using a Y-connector which then connects to the power source cord. There are several connecting cords to choose from with this unit which add to this unit’s portability and convenience. We also now offer the trailer pin plugs in round or flat base. Trailer plugs also comes in either the 4, 5 or 7 prongs in the round connector setup. When choosing the flat connector setup, we offer the 4 or 5 prong setup. Please choose your option below.
4-Pin Flat Connector Click Photos to Enlarge 4-Pin Round Connector
6-Pin Round Connector 7-Pin Round Connector 7-Pin Flat Connector
Choose from the ordering options below: -16` Straight Cord Battery Clamp Connector -16` Straight Cord Ring Terminal Connector -16` Straight Cord 12V Cigarette Socket Plug-In -16` Straight Cord 4-Pin Trailer Connector -16` Straight Cord 6-Pin Trailer Connector -16` Straight Cord 7-Pin Trailer Connector -16` Straight Cord 7-Pin RV Connector

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