500VA Industrial Transformer - 220V Input to 110V Output - (4) 5-20R Duplex Receptacles


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TX-220V-500VA-110X-4X Industrial Transformer                       Ratings
Line-in Cord: 6' SOOW Cord w/ Cord Cap Weatherproof Outlet Covers
Line-in Cord Cap: 6-15P, 6-20P, L6-15P, L6-20P, BS1363 or Schuko
Primary Voltage (Input): 220V AC
Transformer: 500VA 220V AC to 110V AC
Secondary Voltage (Output): 110V AC
Maximum Output: 500W
Secondary Receptacles: (4) 20A 5-20R Duplex [125V]
Materials: -
Mounting: Carrying Handle/Surface Mount
Dimensions: 12”-H x 12”-L x 5”- W
Weight: 55lbs
*All grounding shall comply with state and local codes and meet the minimum requirements of the National Electronic Code section 250*
' Product Overview '
The Larson Electronics TX-220V-500VA-110X-4X Industrial Transformer converts 220V AC electrical current into 110V AC. This unit provides operators the ability to safely tap into and distribute 220V AC power from a variety of sources including generators and direct grid power. The TX-220V-500VA-110X-4X power distribution system from Larson Electronics is designed for operators to power their equipment from a single system. A 6' SOOW line-in cord with a general-area cord cap can be used to provide 220V on the primary side of the unit. Cord cap options for the line-in cord include the following: 6-15P, 6-20P, L6-15P, L6-20P, BS1363 or Schuko. The 500VA transformer features 220V AC on the primary side (input), which is stepped down to 110V AC (output). A secondary voltage of 110V AC is available via four, 20-amp 5-20R duplex receptacles. Maximum combined output is 500 watts.  
Protective Construction: This compact power distribution transformer is designed for portability and convenience as well as durability and includes an integral carrying handle, elevated base platform for protection from standing water, and weatherproof construction that withstands direct water spray and wetness when the self sealing and weatherproof outlet covers are closed.   Applications: Construction sites, plant maintenance, plant turnarounds, shows, exhibits and shipyard operations. Larson Electronics is a manufacturer and as such can build portable transformer systems to your specifications. Although we carry several models of power distribution transformers, we can deliver custom ordered units almost as quickly as our prebuilt units If this model does not meet your needs, please contact us at 1-800-369-6671 or to discuss your specific requirements.  

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