Hand Lamp - Inline Transformer - Vapor Proof - 2- 100 Foot SL Cord


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100 Watt Vapor Proof Hand lamp with inline transformer system and 100 foot of SEOOW cord.  Choose input and output voltages below. Input 230VAC. Output 24VAC. Vaporproof lights are constructed and certified to prevent water and/or moisture to enter the handle and/or head when used as instructed in wet locations.  Rubberized handle improves operators grip and stainless steel mesh guard enclosures protects glass dome.  Stainless hook enables operator to hang this task light overhead.  OSHA requires that the light is plugged into a GFI protected outlet. Application: Effective wet area task lighting that illuminates 5 feet in all directions with 3 foot candles of light, which is approximately the same amount of light available directly under a street light. Dimensions: 13 inches long 4.5 inches OD head 2 inches OD handle The bulbs in this vapor proof light will not burst.  Popular in marine environments.  

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