Larson Vapor Proof (Waterproof) LED Drop Light - 10 Watt LED Bulb - 7.5 Meter Cord - 1050 Lumens

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Made in the USA
The Larson Electronics VPLHL-7WLED-7.5MET LED Trouble Light / Hand Lamp / Drop Light is both waterproof and vapor proof and constructed and certified to prevent the intrusion of water and/or moisture into the handle and/or head when used as instructed in wet locations. This waterproof and vapor proof LED light is available in 120-277V AC, 11V or 25V voltage configurations.
This 10 watt, LED work light from produces 1050 lumens and comes complete with a 7.5 meter long 16/3 SOOW Cable for long range and convenient operation. This waterproof and vapor proof drop light features a rubberized, insulated handle to provide a safe and secure grip and a stainless steel wire guard enclosure to protect the glass dome. These LED drop lights improve on the desirable qualities of similar incandescent models with higher foot candle light output, cooler operation and better light quality, and are ideal for use in wet areas and close work. The cool operation, good light color and evenness of coverage makes these lights ideal for a wide variety of close quarter work and inspection activities. This LED lamp has a 50,000 hour operational life and is available in 120-277V AC, 11V or 25V configurations for high or low voltage operation.
The 10-watt LED lamp used in this unit produces nearly 3 times the illumination of incandescent lamps as measured in foot candles, at less than 1/10th of the electricity usage and without the associated heat. This LED drop light runs at operating temperatures of 55° F, greatly reducing the chances of accidents or burns commonly associated with incandescent drop lights. This lamp has no ballast, which reduces lamp weight, a steel globe guard, and a stainless steel hook for easy overhead mounting. The solid state LED bulb has no filament, making it resistant to damage from impacts and dropping.
This lamp is available in 120-277V, and 9/32V versions which can be selected below when ordering. The 7.5 meter long SOOW 16/3 AWG Cable ends in a standard straight blade 5-15 plug on US 120/240 Volt 60hz models. 220/240V models are equipped with an L6-20 plug. 11V or 25V models are not equipped with a plug. OSHA requires the light to be plugged into a GFI protected outlet. This lamp illuminates an area approximately 8 feet wide in all directions, is certified waterproof and vapor proof, and suitable for use in wet areas.
Lamp Features
10 watt LED Lamp 50,000 hour service life

UL Listing: United States
Dimensions: L-13  "   Head Dia-4.5"  Handle Dia-2"
Lamp Type: LED Bulb
Total Watts: 10 watts
Voltage: 120-277 Volts 50/60 Hz ,11V AC/VC, or 25 Volts AC/VC
Mounting: Aluminum Hook
Wiring: 7.5M 16/3 AWG SOOW Cable
Cord Cap: 5-15 (120/277) or L6-20 (220/240) 

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