50' Temporary Construction String Light - 10 Ceramic Sockets - 12/3 SOOW - Hard Case - NO LAMPS


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Specifications / Additional Information
VPLMSL-10-5FT-12.3-GL-NL-NP-HC-M1 String Lights Features
Lamp Type: None - sold separately Wet Area Approved
Max Total Watts: 1,000 watts Works with LED Lamps
Voltage: Depends on lamps Daisy Chain Connection (End to End)
Total Length: 56 Ft Ceramic Sockets
Amp Rating: 25 Amps Metal Globe Guards for Extra Protection
Globe Material: Polycarbonate Vapor Proof
Guard Material: Metal Barcode Label on Each Unit
Socket Type: Ceramic Customer Provided Logo per lamp
Wiring: 5` 12/3 SOOW Cable Between Lights, 3 Foot Whips Hardcase with Customer Provided Logo
Mounting: Eyelet for hook mounting, (50) 2x25mm Steel nails, 50 Zip Ties
' Product Overview '
The Larson Electronics VPLMSL-10-5FT-12.3-GL-NL-NP-HC-M1 Vapor Proof Temporary Light String is designed for temporary illumination and daisy chain connections across the job site. This work site light set accepts ten lamps up to 100 watts per lamps to provide high quality lighting where standard lighting is not available. This vapor proof temporary light string has a 3 foot input lead whip and a 3 foot output lead whip. The entire assembly is rated for 25 amps and features ceramic sockets. This unit includes polycarbonate globes with metal globe guards for added protection. This vapor proof string light consists of ten ceramic lamp sockets, polycarbonate globes and metal guards with 5 feet of 12/3 SOOW cable between each unit. This temporary string light is connected to power via a 3 foot input lead whip and a 3 foot output lead whip. Each globe can be equipped with a LED, compact fluorescent, or incandescent lamps up to 100 watts. Each lamp light screws into a ceramic lamp socket and the bulb is enclosed in a bird cage style metal guard. Lamps are sold seperately. All wiring on this unit is 600V rated 12/3 SOOW cable. Each light has a steel metal mesh guard enclosure that provides protection for the enclosed bulb and a hook that allows operators to hang these tasks lights overhead. Multiple light stringers can be connected end to end to extend work area illumination. This light string also comes with: Lot of 50 zip ties 50 2x25mm steel nails in plastic bag Barcode label on each unit Customer provided logo per lamp Hard case with customer provided logo printed on it The included case is an ideal storage and transportation solution for this unit. This rugged and durable case comes with a foam insert to hold the lights firmly in place even during transportation. The case features an ergonomic handle to offer operators a comfortable carry and further mobility during transport. The foam inside the case helps to further protect the already string light from any possible damage. The case features two firmly locking clasps to ensure the case only opens when the operator unlocks the clasps. Larson Electronics offers a wide variety of high output LED lamps and lighting solutions. Our A19 style LED lamps are a perfect fit for this LED string light set. The  directional 10 watt LED lamp provides down lighting to effectively illuminate the area below where the string light is mounted, whereas our omni-directional  10 watt LED lamp provides the same light distribution as a standard 100 watt incandescent. Both LED lamps draw 1/10th the electricty as a standard 100 watt rough service lamp while providing 30% more light output, increased durability and reliability, and achieving a 50,000 hour lamp life.
Stringer Energy Consumption Comparison
Incandescent CFL LED
Wattage 1000 watts 260 watts 100 watts
Amp Draw @ 120V AC 8.34 amps 2.17 amps 0.84 amps
Amp Draw @ 24V DC 41.67 amps 10.84 amps 4.17 amps
Lamp Life Expectancy 1,500 hours 8,000 hours 50,000 hours
Color Temperature 2800K 4300K 6000K
Operation cost per year (8hs/day @ 11c/kWh) $321.2 $83.52 $32.12
Lamp Features
1. 10 Lamp Sockets 2. Outdoor Approved 3. No ballast, no flickering, instant on illumination 4. Polycarbonate Globes with Metal Globe Guards for added protection 5. Hanging hook for hanging and hands free operation. 6. 5 feet of 12/3 SOOW cable between each light. 7. End to end operations allows connecting multiple stringers together for maximum work site illumination. 8. 3` input lead whip. 9. 3` output lead whip.

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