Portable & Rechargeable Battery Pack with Telescoping Pole


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WAL-PBP Portable Battery Pack Certification
Power: 12VDC FAA, DOT, CAB, IA, TA
Battery: AGM Lead Acid, 12VDC, 33 amp hr, 500 Cycles NCHRP Report 476 Section 2.5.2
Tower:  Adjustable Aluminum 8 Feet Total Height MUTCD Section 6E
Case: Built in Handle with Fold Away Supports
Dimensions: 24”-H 13.5”-W 6.5”-D Weight-35lbs
Charging: 115VAC AC Charger
Ratings: FAA, DOT, CAB, IA, TA Approved Air Transport Toll Free: 1-800-369-6671
Mounting: Portable Tower Intl: 1-903-270-1187
' Product Overview '
Made in the USA The WAL-PBP battery pack is a fully portable and rechargeable unit and is ideal for use on construction sites and emergency scenes. This portable battery pack offers a long list of features including versatile power and recharging options and provides a highly portable solution that is ideal for use where electricity is not readily available.   The WAL-BPB battery pack is a self contained and portable package that offers high power and extreme portability in a compact and durable design. When equipped with one of our LED10W-1S LED lights, this unit produces 800 lumens that covers 50 square feet and can run for up to 40 hours on a single full charge of its onboard batteries. The entire package weighs 35 pounds and measures 24” high x 13.5” wide x 6.5” deep, making it very easy to stow and deploy. This unit weighs only 35 lbs and includes a built in handle easy transport around the deployment area. There are no loose parts and all connections are already secure with no need for addtional wiring. When fully deployed, this unit will withstand high winds and can be extended to a total of 8 feet in tower height for optimal illumination of the target area. 
Power: AGM sealed lead acid battery, 33 amp hour 12 VDC deep cycle with included charging unit. 500+ charge cycles or 300+ full discharge cycles or 3-5 year life cycle. This unit offers various power options, including an internal battery pack and use as an external battery pack with an included special plug. An included AC charger (wall charger) allows operators to easily recharge the battery from normal wall outlets. This portable tower also accepts low voltage input from vehicles and other battery packs to power the light or charge the battery. A DC port (cigarette plug socket) allows users to power other DC devices, in effect allowing this unit to double as a portable 12VDC power supply. Push-to-test volt meter built in to front panel for monitoring battery charge conditions. Telescoping Tower: The aluminum telescoping tower on this unit is comprised of five sections and extends and locks into place much the same as a camera tripod. The user simply loosens the locking clamps on the telescoping tower, extends it to the desired height, and then retightens the clamps to lock it into position. The user can extend the tower to 8 feet in total height. Additional tower stability is provided by collapsible polyethylene legs that provide a 30 inch support base when deployed. Stable surfaces and/or normal conditions do not require the extendible base. Case: The simple case on this unit contains all the operating equipment and is designed with a built in carrying handle for easy transport. The user simply collapses the tripod and support legs, locks them into place, and the unit is then ready for stowing or transport. A simple push to test meter on the front of the case provides fast charge level notification. The entire package measures 24” high x 13.5” wide x 6.5” deep. ONCHRP Report 476 Section 2.5.2 and MUTCD Section 6E compliant for illumination, visibility and temporary lighting. This light meets the requirements for nighttime traffic control for highway maintenance and construction for flaggers. FAA, DOT, CAB, IA, and TA approved for air transport.

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