260W Temporary Construction 100' String Light - (10) 26W CFL Lamps - 25' Whip - 220-240VAC 50 Hz


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WAL-SL-10-26WCFL-220V-25 String Lights Features
Lamp Type: Compact Fluorescent UL 1088 Listed
Total Watts: 260 watts (26W/ea) Lower Amp Draw
Voltage: 220-240V AC Wet Area Approved
Total Length: 115 Ft High Output 26 Watt CFL Lamps
Wiring: 10` 14/2 SJTW Cable Per Unit, 25 Foot Whip w/ 220V Cord Cap 25 Foot Connecting Cord
Cord Cap Options: 6-15P, 6-20P, L6-15P, L6-20P, BS1363, Schuko, Pigtail End to End Connection
Mounting:Aluminum Hook 
' Product Overview '
The WAL-SL-10-26WCFL-220V-25 from Larson Electronics is a Work Area Lighting CFL String Light that is designed for high output job site illumination. The 26 watt compact fluorescent lamps on this this work site light set provide higher quality light than 100 wattage incandescent lights while creating less heat and using less power. This string light operates on 220-240V AC, 50 Hz voltage. This work area string light consists of ten industrial grade compact fluorescent lamps with 10 feet of 14/2 SJTW cable between each unit. This temporary string light is connected to power via an integrated twenty-five foot cable terminated with a choice of 220V cord caps. Make your cord cap selection below when ordering. The opposite end is terminated in a mating female plug for end to end connection, allowing opperators to extend each stringer. Each globe light is equipped with an energy effecient compact fluorescent bulb which delivers more light output than a 100 watt incandescent. The 26 watt CFL bulb draws 26% the electrical power of a standard 100 watt bulb and has a lamp life three times than of its incandescent predecessor, making this an ideal choice for construction and job sites. Each CFL light screws into a molded E26 lamp socket and the bulb is enclosed in a bird cage style plastic guard. Each light has a yellow plastic mesh guard enclosure that provides protection for the enclosed bulb and a hook that allows operators to hang these tasks lights overhead. Multiple light stringers can be connected end to end to extend work area illumination. Each hanging trouble light has an effective range that approximately covers a 5 to 8 foot radius with 10-15 foot candles of light.
Stringer Energy Consumption Comparison
Incandescent CFL LED
Wattage 1000 watts 260 watts 100 watts
Amp Draw @ 220V AC 4.55 amps 1.18 amps 0.45 amps
Amp Draw @ 240V AC 4.17 amps 1.08 amps 0.42 amps
Lamp Life Expectancy 1,500 hours 8,000 hours 50,000 hours
Color Temperature 2800K 4300K 6000K
Operation cost per year (8hs/day @ 11c/kWh) $321.2 $83.52 $32.12
There are limits to how many strings can be interconnected based on the overall amp draw, power source, etc. Utilizing energy efficient LED lamps, operators are able to provide more light coverage from the same amp draw, or lower the amp draw using the same amount LED lamps as incandescent. These lights are UL 1088 listed and configured to operate with 220-240V AC current. These string lights provide more and better quality illumination than 100 watt incandescent string lights without the high heat of traditional lamps. These lamps are long lived, have a higher resistance to damage from impacts and vibrations, and consume far less energy than standard lamps.
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L6-15 Twist Lock Plug 15 Amp / 250V Rated
UK BS1363 Straight Blade Plug 13 Amp / 250V Rated / Internal Fuse Intl Schuko 2-Pin Plug 16 Amp / 250V Rated / Grounded Flying Leads / Pigtail Wires
Wiring/Plug: This work area CFL string light unit is equipped with 25 feet of 16/3 chemical and abrasion resistant SOOW cord that is fitted with an industrial grade cord cap for easy connection to common wall outlets. Plug options include standard 6-15 15 amp straight blade plug for 220-240V wall outlets with ground, NEMA L6-15 15 amp twist lock plug for 240V twist lock outlets, British BS1363 13 amp fused 3-blade plug for United Kingdom outlets, or a two pin 16 amp rated Schuko plug with ground contact and socket for European outlets up to 250V. Alternatively, we can provide flying leads with no plug for hard wire applications or for operators who prefer to wire in user provided cord caps. Please choose pigtail option below for flying leads with no plug.
Lamp Features Lamp Features
1. 26 Watt CFL Lamps 2. Outdoor Approved 3. Yellow Cage Plastic Guards for added protection 4. 220-240V AC Operation 5. Durable construction resists damage from impacts and vibrations. 6. Hanging hook for hanging and hands free operation. 7. 10 feet of 14/2 SJTW cable between each light. 25 foot whip. 8. End to end operations allows connecting multiple stringers together for maximum work site illumination. 9. Energy efficient alternative to incandescent temporary string lights 26 watt fluorescent produces 1800 lumens. Plastic bird cage housing. Compact fluorescent lamp. No inline ballast to tangle or damage. Lamp protected by plastic cage. Swivel hook for hanging and hands free operation. SJOW Cable

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