HID Work Light - Wall Mount - 2 X 70 Watt HID - 12,600 Lumen - 12/24VDC - 120/277 volt AC


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WAL-WM-2X6670 HID Light Tower WAL-WM-2X6670 Features
Lamp Type: 2X HID Lights IP67 Rated Weatherproof & Waterproof
Dimensions: Easy wall mount application
Total Watts: 140 Multiple Power Options
Lumens: 12,600 Low Amp Draw
Voltage:   110VAC with Transformer, Multi-Voltage- 9-32VDC Without High Power HID
Amps: 8.4 on 12 VDC - 4.2 on 24VDC CE Certified
Mounting: Wall
Lighting Configuration: Flood
Light Color Temp: 6500K
Life Expectancy: 3500 Hours Toll Free: 1-800-369-6671
Wiring: Inline Transformer 5-15 Straight Blade Plug Fax: 1-903-498-3364
' Product Overview '
Made in the USA The Larson Electronics WAL-WM-2X6670 Wall Mount Light Tower comes complete with two IP67 rated 70 watt HID light heads and produces a 12,600 lumen flood of light capable of illuminating an area 500’ in length by 500’ feet in width. This unit is multi-voltage capable and can be used with either 12 or 24VDC while an included inline transformer allows operation with common 110VAC wall outlet current.   The WAL-WM-2X6670 wall mount light tower provides operators with a very versatile lighting solution for operations where easily managed illumination of large sized areas is required. Two IP67 rated 70 watt HID floodlights create a total of 12,600 lumens of bright white light and provide light coverage for an area 500’ long by 500’ wide in flood configuration. Also available is a spot configuration for a much longer and tighter light beam. Both HID fixtures are mounted to a single removable mounting bracket that can be easily detached from the tower for stowing or transport. A single wall mounting bracket holds the HID lights and allows each light to be adjusted and aimed independently of the other. This adjustability allows users to expand the area covered or to focus more intense coverage on a smaller area. Durability: The WAL-WM-2X6670 wall mount light incorporates two of our IP67 rated, 70 Watt HID work lights on an aluminum bracket for wall mounting. These HID lights each have a 70 watt HID bulb producing 6,300 lumen each, which produce a wide area flood beam with exceptional spread. Optional spotlight versions produce a much longer and tighter spotlight beam. These weatherproof HID lights are IP67 rated and sealed against intrusion by dust and dirt and very ruggedly constructed to withstand the most demanding environments, conditions and applications. The HIDs have a 12G RMS vibration proof rating which is achieved by a combination of the various rubber bushings on the mounts of the HID units and the inherent durability of the HID lamps. Since HID lamps have no fragile filaments that can break or burn out they are much more resistant to damage from vibrations and impacts than normal incandescent lamps. Mounting: The HID light heads on this unit are mounted to a single bracket that allows the user to simply mount the entire light assembly to the wall or flat surface. Each HID light can be adjusted independently of the other to provide maximum coverage or maximum intensity. Together, the HID lights can cover an area 500’ long by 500’ wide. Power: Included with this unit is our dcp-16 110V 50/60hz power supply wired inline to the HID lights which allows this tower to be operated with standard 110 VAC power found in common wall outlets. Essentially, this means the operator can use this tower anywhere a wall plug in is available or, by disconnecting the step down transformer, he/she can power this HID light tower from any vehicle, equipment, ATV or boat electrical system. You do not need to anything special to operate these light bars in their multi-voltage 9-32 Volt configuration. They will sense the incoming voltage and adapt accordingly. If operator decides he/she would like to run off 9 - 32 VDC, all he/she has to do is disconnect the transformer and directly connect the lights to a 9 - 32VDC power source. Versatility: The easy deployment and multi-voltage capability of this light makes it ideal for rapid deployment as a scene light for first responders to downed lines, main breaks or accidents. Other applications include temporary maintenance operations, tank cleaning, power washing and other maintenance applications where general area lighting is not available. Temporary event organizers will find value in these wall mounted HID lights for general area lighting in outdoor arenas where temporary power distribution is unavailable or expensive.

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