Portable Spider Box - 120/208V - 560B9W Input - (1) CS6369, (1) L6-30R, (6) L5-20R Twist Lock


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Specifications / Additional Information
WALSB-60AI-125.250V-1X50A-1X30A-6X20TLP-N4 Spider Box Ratings/Approvals
Input: 60A 560B9W Inlet [120/208V] UL 1640
Primary Voltage: 120/208VAC 3PH NEMA 4 Weatherproof
Output: 50A CS6369 Feed Through Overload Protection
Secondary Voltage: 125V and 250V 1PH Short Circuit Protection
Secondary Receptacles: (1) 30A 250V (L6-30R), (6) 20A 125V (L5-20R) GFCI Receptacles
Secondary Protection: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
GFI Trip Level: 4-6 mA
Housing Material: 16-gauge Steel
Mounting: Portable/Base Stand Toll Free: 1-800-369-6671
Dimensions: 11" x 21" x 14.5"
Weight: 29 lbs
Color: Yellow
Larson Electronics manufacture a wide variety of custom power distribution systems. The pictures displayed for this unit are a general representation of form factor and may not accurately represent this exact configuration in every detail due to being custom builds. The specifics for this configuration are listed in the specification table and one-line diagram. *All grounding shall comply with state and local codes and meet the minimum requirements of the National Electronic Code section 250*
' Product Overview '
This unit is Made In USA - Manufactured in Texas The Larson Electronics WALSB-60AI-125.250V-1X50A-1X30A-6X20TLP-N4 is a portable spider box for indoor, outdoor and rugged applications. This unit allows operators to use 120/208V three phase power via a 560B9W electrical inlet. The device supports one feed through receptacle for 125/250V equipment, as well as one 250V receptacle (L6-30R) and six 125V (L5-20R) GFCI receptacles. For robust protection, the spider box is NEMA 4 rated and protected by impact/flame resistant weatherproof covers. This portable spider box uses a 60-amp, 560B9W, 120/208V inlet for bringing power into the unit, while the outlet is a 50-amp, 125/250V CS6369 feed through for powering 125/250V tools and machines. The device supports one feed through receptacle for 125/250V equipment, one 30-amp, 250V, L6-30R receptacle and six 20-amp, 125V, L5-20R twistlock GFCI receptacles. GFI trip level is set to 4-6 mA with a maximum trip time of 25 mS. The WALSB-60AI-125.250V-1X50A-1X30A-6X20TLP-N4 spider box features short circuit, overload, open neutral and reverse phasing protection. Should circuit overload occur, the unit will automatically shut down to protect the spider box from damage. The housing on the WALSB-60AI-125.250V-1X50A-1X30A-6X20TLP-N4 is constructed of 16-gauge steel with a NEMA 4 enclosure rating. This device is approved for wet locations and features heavy-duty impact/flame resistant weatherproof covers. Two angled legs at the base of the unit and low center of gravity ensures this spider box does not tip over in the field. Certification: Larson Electronics is a UL 1640 panel shop and certified to build portable power distribution systems. All units are built in accordance to NFPA 70 (National Electric Code). All equipment is NEMA 4 rated for indoor and outdoor use and provide a degree of protection against dirt, water, and ice. NEMA 3R and NEMA 4x equipment can be equipped upon request. Applications: Indoor or outdoor applications including but not limited to, construction sites, plant maintenance, plant turnarounds, shows, exhibits and shipyard operations. These units are popularly used in applications where external power sources are often necessary. We also offer class rated transformers for use within explosion proof and hazardous location environments. Larson Electronics is a manufacturer and we can build portable power distribution systems to your specifications. Although we carry several models of portable power distribution systems in stock, we can deliver custom ordered units almost as quickly as our prebuilt units. If this model does not meet your needs, please contact us at 1-800-369-6671 or to discuss your specific requirements.

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