Larson Portable Low Voltage LED Light Tower with 600W LED Lights - 30' Pneumatic Mast - 4000W Gas Generator

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Made in the USA
Portable Low Voltage LED Light Tower with 600W LED Lighting, 30-foot pneumatic light mast, on-board low voltage compressor 4000W gas generator. system includes 3 major components, including the transport trailer with air compressor and generator,  six portable cart LED light towers and the umbilical system that carrier air and power to each cart.
Wheeled cart with 30 foot pneumatic mast and fold down out-riggers
600 watts of LED lighting (2X300W, 24Volt DC)
On-board 4000W gas generator
On-board low voltage air compressor
The cart is equipped with run-flat tires, a 30 foot pneumatic mast and two 300 Watt LED light heads. The carts are also equipped with fold down outriggers to support the light mast once deployed.  The air will enable the mast to elevate and the power will activate the light heads.
Each system is complete unto itself, with no need to link up to a main trailer. There is no need for a larger diesel generator or central air compressor. There is also no need for the expensive umbilical cord with power and air.
Call us at 1-844-787-5483 or contact us at
to discuss any special custom ordering requirements.
Suggested Applications:
Construction sites, event lighting, emergency services, highway projects, industrial plants, mining and excavation and anywhere a mobile light source with large area coverage capability is needed.

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