8,000 Watt Diesel Generator - 220V 50Hz - 30' Telescoping Tower - (4) 1000W MH Lamps - NATO Pintle


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WCDE-4-8KW-MHL-220V-NPNTL Mobile Light Tower Protection
Power: KUBOTA Water Cooled Diesel Engine External Grounding
Generator: 8000 watts, 220V @ 50Hz, 1800rpm Low Oil, High Engine Temp Auto Shut-Off
Lamps: 4- 1000 watt Metal Halides Three Point Outrigger System
Total Lamp Watts: 4,000 watts Hour Meter - Alternator Warning
Fuel: 30 Gallon Fuel tank  Individual Light Switch Circuit Breakers
Auxiliary Power Supplies): 6-20 Duplex Receptacle, 240V Twist Lock Withstands 65Mph Winds at Full Extension
Boom Height: Up to 30 Feet NATO Pintle Hitch
Efficiency: 110 Lumens per Watt
Total Lumens: 440,000  
Coverage: 7 Acres
Noise Level: Db level 63 @ 23 ft
Mounting: Towable Trailer, 2000lbs Axle, NATO Pintle Hitch
Run Time: 60 Hours on Single Tank of Fuel
' Product Overview '
Made in Texas The WCDE-4-8KW-MHL-220V-NPNTL mobile light tower from Larson Electronics is a towable lighting package powered by a water cooled diesel engine turning a single bearing 4 pole generator which produces 8,000 watts and 220V@50Hz. With four 1,000 watt metal halide lamps producing 440,000 lumens this unit will illuminate a 5-7 acre area continuously without refueling for 60 hours. The WCDE-4-8KW-MHL-220V-NPNTL mobile light tower is a self contained towable light tower package that produces enough light to illuminate an area up to 7 acres in size. This unit contains a water cooled diesel engine powering a 6,000 watt generator, which supplies the current to four 1,000 watt metal halide lamps producing 110,000 lumens each for a combined total of 440,000 lumens of light. This unit can run uninterrupted for 60 hours straight without refueling and includes a telescoping light mast which can elevate the four metal halide lamps to a height of 30 feet. This mobile floodlight package is ideal for emergency services, large scale event illumination, construction, mining, industrial operations and anywhere an extended operation capable mobile lighting solution is needed.
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The WCDE-4-8KW-MHL-220V-NPNTL mobile light tower incorporates a long list of impressive features. The diesel engine is a water cooled Kubota that operates at 1800 rpm. This engine features key operated electric starting, a full twelve volt electrical system, automatic low oil pressure and high temperature safety shutoff`s, dual fuel filters and easy access oil and radiator drain ports to facilitate maintenance. A 30 gallon fuel tank allows the engine to operate for 60 hours continuously without refueling. The 8,000 watt generator is a single bearing design and produces 220 volt current at 50Hz. The generator uses a four wire hookup system with an external ground allowing for setting up both electrical and mechanical safe grounding systems.
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Lights: The lighting system on this unit is comprised of four 1,000 watt metal halide lamps producing 110,000 lumens of light each attached to the end of the telescoping light boom. These floodlights produce a wide flood light pattern capable of illuminating 7 acres with a combined total of 440,000 lumens of light. Each floodlight is securely fastened to the light boom and each lamp includes a support bracket to help maintain lamp stability within its housing. The lamps are connected to the power source via a water tight male pin connector that attaches to a receptacle located on the end of the telescoping boom. Controls: The operations system for this unit is a centrally located control panel within the light tower enclosure. Four circuit breaker protected switches allow individual control of the lights while an individual hour meter tracks unit operating time. Also included is an alternator warning light, fuel primer system, preheating switch, 6-20 volt GFCI duplex receptacle for auxiliary power takeoff and a 240V twist lock power receptacle. Telescoping Boom: The telescoping boom consists of three sections extending up to 30 feet through the use of two manual self braking winches and allows for rotating the lights 360 degrees. One winch is mounted to the trailer tongue and acts to raise the tower into a vertical position while the other is mounted to the boom and is used to extend the tower to the desired height. The telescoping boom is constructed of galvanized steel to resist rusting and corrosion and is capable of withstanding 65 mph winds when extended to its full height and the stabilizing outriggers are deployed. The stabilizing outriggers are a three point design with one located under the trailer tongue and two on the rear sides of the unit. The two side outriggers are adjustable and include 3,000 lbs swivel jacks for leveling and stabilizing the tower. Housing: All of the operating components are housed within a protective compartment constructed of 14 gauge steel and designed to provide airflow for cooling. Side doors provide access to the interior while latches provide secure closing while the unit is in use. The design and construction of this enclosure along with the commercial grade muffler system helps this unit operate at a low 63 Db noise level @ 23 ft. The entire unit can be loaded and unloaded onto trucks via forklift sleeves mounted to the outer section of the light mast. The entire unit is mounted onto a two wheel trailer with a 3,500 lbs leaf spring axle. A NATO pintle hitch and two standard safety chains allow for easy hookup and towing. Engine Kubota liquid cooled diesel engine 50 Hz engine/generator Industrial engine exhaust system Rubber engine mounts isolate engine and generator from trailer frame Cooling system capable of operating at 120°F ambient temperature Full flow spin on oil filter Fuel filter w/ replaceable filter element Dry type cartridge air filter 30 Gal. Polyethylene fuel tank with 3 1/2" fill port Trailer Mast Supports: 5" x 3/16" square tube Tongue: 47" removable tongue w/ NATO pintle hitch Chassis: Tubular 2.5" x 3/16" steel chassis Leveling Jack: (3) 3000lb adjustable leveling jacks Outriggers: Side outriggers provide 8` 3" span Side Fenders: 14 gauge steel Axle: 3500 lb leaf spring axle Tires: P205/75L15 Safety chains w/ s-hooks DOT approved tail, side, brake, and directional lights Recessed rear and side lights License plat holder w/ license plate lights 51" axle span Mast 3 section tubular galvanized steel mast - 30` maximum extension UHMW glide pads on all sides of mast tubes Horizontal Automatic locking system for transport 1500 lb automatic self-braking winch 359° mast rotation w/ locking system Retractable coil cord w/ galvanized cord protection housing

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