Hydraulic Light Tower with Diesel Engine Generator - 4X1250 Watt Metal Halide Lamps


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WCDE-4-MLK Metal Halide Floodlight Tower w/ Hydraulic Mast Quick Summary
Lamp Type: Metal Halide Superior Metal Halide Power
Light Dimensions: 19"L x 12"OD, 18" Reflector OD IP66 Waterproof
Tower Dimensions: 25.5` Raised / 4.5` Lowered Dustproof
Weight: 1200 lbs 18" Aluminum Reflectors
Total Watts: 5,000W 359° Rotating Tower
Total Lumens: 450,000 80+ Hour Runtime on Single Tank
Luminous Efficacy: 90 Lm/W Hydraulic Mast
Lamp Life Expectancy: 15,000+
Color Temp: 4100K
Beam Angle: 24° Spot Beam Individual Lights / Floodlight Unit
Ambient Operating Temperature: -40° to +85°C
Light Materials: Die Cast Aluminum, PMMA Optics
Tower Material: Galvanized Steel Toll Free:1-800-369-6671
Generator: 8kW Marathon Generator
Fuel Capacity: 45 Gallons
' Product Overview '
Made in the USA The WCDE-4-MLK from Larson Electronics is a metal halide floodlight tower with hydraulic mast that offers tough and durable construction, reliable and efficient performance, and high light output in an easy to operate, self-contained portable unit. This floodlight tower features 4 powerful metal halide lights and PMMA high purity optics to deliver 450,000 lumens of concentrated light. A 45 gallon generator mounted to a steel trailer provides stand alone power for 80 hours on a single tank of fuel, allowing operators to keep working no matter how remote the location. A hydraulic mast makes for easy deployment by operators. Rugged IP67 rated construction designed to withstand the rigors of harsh outdoor conditions and grueling heavy duty use make this light tower an ideal choice for industrial applications, construction sites, marine use, mining, and emergency services. Light Features: The WCDE-4-MLK light tower features four 1,250 watt metal halide lamps that produce 112,500 lumens each, for a total of 450,000 lumens of high intensity light while drawing only 5,000 watts of energy. Each light fixture has the individual power to brightly illuminate large areas and when combined, this metal halide floodlight tower provides ample lighting for a wide variety of needs.
WCDE-4-MLK Illuminating Pit Click to Enlarge
These metal halide lamps are paired with high quality reflectors enabling each light head to produce a far reaching yet intense and well focused beam without overcast, glare, or light spillage. Designed especially for high mast mounting, these concentrated spot beams have an even spread with substantial coverage over the work area and provide a night vision that closely resembles natural daylight illumination. These metal halide lamps have very good color temperature and color rendering which allows them to produce clean, bright white light. The High Intensity Discharge (HID) metal halide lights are highly efficient and offer around 15,000 hours of bulb life expectancy. These metal halide lamps also offer IP66 rated construction that is designed to withstand extremes of environmental and operating conditions. Protected within corrosion resistant die cast aluminum housings, these lights can withstand rapid temperature changes of -40° Celsius to +80° Celsius, are waterproof, and are dust tight.
Tower & Trailer: The telescoping hydraulic tower on this unit reaches 25.5` when fully extended and folds to a compact 4.5` for storage and transport. Hydraulic operation allows operators to easily raise, lower, or rotate the mast through a full 359° of movement as needed. A stepping pad allows operators to make adjustments from the ground with ease. The light heads are trunnion mounted to the mast crosspieces using U brackets and can be individually adjusted while the tower is in the retracted position.
Skid pockets allow the unit to be moved with a forklift
The trailer features a formed and welded steel frame, 13" tires and wheels, a 5-point stabilization system, and a foldable tongue with a reversible ball coupling/pintle hitch. The 5-point base consists of four 4` sliding outriggers each with a drop leg jack (two at the rear and one on each flank) and a 1,000lb stabilizing jack connected to the tongue. Both the main stabilizing jack and the outrigger jacks can be manually adjusted to the desired position using hand cranks. This 5-point design allows the unit to be operational in winds up to 55 mph. The reversible hitch consists of of a standard 2" ball coupling on one end and a 3" pintle towing hitch on the other end. To switch ends, the operator simply unbolts the hitch attachment, flips it to the desired end, and reinserts the bolt. This trailer also features forklift pockets for easy lifting and loading/unloading of the unit. With compact stowing dimensions of 6.76` x 4.6` x 4.5`, a 48` truck trailer can hold 18 of these light towers, and a 53` trailer can carry 20 units.
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Generator: An 8kW Marathon generator with a Kubota 11.7 HP engine provides stand alone power to this light tower. Equipped with a fuel level indicator and an easy to reach exterior fill neck, this generator has a 45 gallon tank and provides a minimum of 80 hours of continuous operation.
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A Genset Protect system safeguards against the engine starting and stopping with the AC power as well as ensuring the lighting system is turned off at both the startup and shutdown of the unit. This model is equipped with a 12V electric starter and a glow plug cold starting system. All of the operating components are housed with a protective compartment with side lift up doors for easy access to the controls and engine/generator assembly. Applications: Construction, temporary lighting, road side illumination, plant turn arounds.
Made in the USA Quality Metal Halide Benefits
1. High Efficiency Metal Halide lamp. 2. 90 Lumens per Watt 3. Rugged Die Cast Aluminum Lamp Housing 4. 18" Aluminum Reflectors and Polycarbonate Lenses. 5. Heavy Duty Gasket 6. Adjustable and Portable Steel Tower Construction. 7. Low Maintenance. 8. Corrosion Resistant Marine Approved. 9. UL Listed for Marine Environments. 1. Long lamp life. 2. High efficiency and low amp draw after initial startup. 3. High durability and reliability 4. High output and very good color rendering 5. Vibration and shock resistant 6. Low maintenance

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