Weatherproof Phone w/ Dial Pad - Analog - Aluminum Housing - Noise Canceling - 15" Handset Cord


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Specifications / Additional Information
WPPH-ALU-ALG-10K-227 Weatherproof Telephone Ratings/Approvals
Phone Type: Analog NEMA 3R Enclosure
Dimensions: 13.5"H x 9.7"W x 6.1"D Braille Metallic Keypad
Weight: 18 lbs Hearing Aid Compatible
Voltage: 24V DC - 60V DC Noise Canceling
Minimum/Maximum Current: 20mA DC/60mA DC Volume Control Handset
Signaling: DTMF Non-movable Hookswitch
Ringer Level: 92 dBA SPL (Door Open) Non-volatile Electronic Memory
Materials: 1/4" Thick Sand-cast Aluminum Weatherproof
Finish: Protective Exterior Polyurethane Gray Spring Return Door
Handset Cord: 15" Lanyard Armored Cord (400 lbs Pull Capacity)
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +60°C
Mounting: Wall, Surface or Column via (8) Mounting Holes
Wiring: Line Powered
Wiring Hub: 1/2" Conduit Hub (Bottom)
' Product Overview '
The WPPH-ALU-ALG-10K-227 Weatherproof Analog Telephone from Larson Electronics is a heavy-duty communication device that is suitable for harsh and rugged environments. The unit supports noise-canceling and hearing aid compatible features for enhanced clarity during operation. A 15" Lanyard Armored handset cord with 400 lbs pull-strength capacity ensures comprehensive reliability during emergency situations. The WPPH-ALU-ALG-10K-227 is designed to provide safe, reliable communication for both indoor and outdoor environments. This line-powered unit comes with a proximity detecting, non-movable hookswitch for extended reliability during operation. A ringer level of 92 dBA (with spring door open) ensures notification from far distances. The weatherproof telephone is ideal for use in rugged locations with a temperature range of -40°C to +60°C. The industrial communication device features a braille metallic keypad with hearing aid compatibility for individuals with visual or auditory disabilities. For use in loud environments, operators may adjust the volume of the handset. Clarity on the other end of the line is achieved via the noise-canceling microphone inside the unit. Since this telephone is line powered, it will continue working even if the main power source faults or is disconnected (no internal battery required). Durability: This unit is housed in a 1/4" thick sand-cast aluminum NEMA 3R enclosure. The weatherproof phone features a heavy-duty 15" Lanyard Armored handset cord with a pull-strength capacity of 400 lbs. This component can retain its threshold in extreme temperatures and harsh environments. A sealed keypad helps deter the ingress of dust, dirt and moisture. The electronic ringer is also sealed, ensuring foreign contaminants will not enter the housing. Mounting/Wiring: The WPPH-ALU-ALG-10K-227 telephone is designed to be wall, surface or column mounted via eight mounting holes found in the back of the unit. During installation, a 1/2" conduit entry located at the bottom of the device is available for completing wiring and line connections. To prevent the ingress of moisture, it is advisable to seal conduit entries using a silicone sealant (or equivalent). Suggested Applications: Industrial facilities, outdoor communications, construction sites, public areas, plant entrances, parking garages, airports and more.

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