Weatherproof Phone w/ Dial Pad - 18 Buttons, Analog - Steel Cord - Yellow/IP65


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Specifications / Additional Information
WPPH-NM-ALG-18K-620 Weatherproof Telephone Ratings/Approvals
Phone Type: Standard Analog Protection to ITU-T k.21 Enhanced Levels
Dimensions: 11.10" x 7.48" x 5.51" IP65
Weight: 6.61 lbs Weatherproof
Voltage: - Vandal Resistant Handset/Cord
Power: From Telephone Line Volume Control
Dialing: LD (Pulse) or MF (Tone) - User Selectable  
Ringer Level: Shrill Warble Tone - 80 dBA @ 3.2 feet  
Keypad: 18 Buttons - Standard Numerical Keypad w/ S (Microphone Mute or Silence), R (Recall), LR (Last Number Redial) and 3 Programmable Auto-dial  
Time Out: Fixed Call Maximum Time Limit to 6-8 Minutes from Lifting Handset - User Selectable  
Hookswitch: Electronic/magnetic - No Visible Moving Parts  
MTBF: Calculated in Excess of 50,000 hours Using MIL-HDBK-217F Notice 2
Lightning/Transients: Protection to ITU-T k.21 Enhanced Levels
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +60°C
Materials: Glass-reinforced Polyester (Phone), Silicone Rubber (Keypad)
Handset Cord: Stainless Steel Spiral Cord
Mounting: Wall or Desk Mount
Wiring/Connection: 2-wire Telephone Line, FXS Ports, Analog PABX Lines, PTSN
Color: Yellow (Phone), Metallic (Cord), Black (Handset)
' Product Overview '
The WPPH-NM-ALG-18K-620 Weatherproof Analog Telephone from Larson Electronics is a heavy-duty communication device that is suitable for industrial environments. The unit supports an 18-key dialpad and several user selectable features. A stainless steel handset cord and an IP65 rating ensures comprehensive reliability during emergency situations. The WPPH-NM-ALG-18K-620 is designed to provide safe, reliable communication for both indoor and outdoor environments. This line-powered unit features an 18-key dialpad. Available buttons on the phone include the following: standard numerical, S (microphone mute or silence), R (recall), LR (last number redial) and three programmable auto-dial. Operators may choose between LD (pulse) or MF (tone) dialing, as well as a fixed call maximum time limit between 6-8 minutes from lifting the handset. A ringer level of 80 dBA (shrill warble tone) can be heard from a distance of 3.2 feet. The weatherproof telephone is ideal for use in rugged locations with a temperature range of -40°C to +60°C. Durability: This unit is housed in a non-metallic, glass-reinforced polyester enclosure. The weatherproof phone features a heavy-duty stainless steel spiral cord. A chemical and vandal resistant keypad helps deter wear and tear during long-term use. The hookswitch is electronic/magnetic with no visible moving parts. Connection: Compatible connections include: 2-wire telephone line, FXS Ports, analog PABX lines and PTSN. This weatherproof telephone is powered from the telephone line. Since this telephone is line powered, it will continue working even if the main power source faults or is disconnected (no internal battery required). Mounting: The WPPH-NM-ALG-18K-620 telephone is designed to be wall or desk mounted via four mounting holes found in the back of the unit. Suggested Applications: Industrial facilities, outdoor communications, construction sites, public areas, plant entrances, parking garages, airports and more.  

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