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  • High Output HVAC disinfection Systems that works to disinfect air moving through duct systemvia germicidal ultraviolet (UV) rays.
  • The units can be installed in any duct system. AirAssassin units helps control the spread of airborne viruses as well as other airborne transmitted disease.
  • Bacteria and viruses present in the air that passes through the UV rays produced by the fixture are destroyed.
  • The air moving through the duct is constantly being purified as it flows through the UV rays being produced by the fixture. Our custom anodized aluminum models are TiO2coated and feature UV bulbs that each produce 3.6 watts of UV output at a wavelength of 254nm.
  • Bulb volume & intensity vary depending on duct size & air capacity. We offer the standard & pro series product offering to manage the disinfection requirementsfor any HVAC configuration.


6.6 lbs (3kg)


120 volt (can be hardwired to 110v to 240v)


180 watt �Ò 1.5 Amps

Automatic start

Mechanical flow switch

UV lamp type

High intensity 19mm Mercury Vapor Quartz

Quartz sleeve/coating

Quartz sleeve coating providing industry leading lamp protection

UV Wavelength (nm)


UV Lamp configuration

2 Straight

UV Lamp length

38.87 inch (987 mm)


Parabolic - 92% reflection (2x energy increase- highest in the industry)

In-duct installation


Lamp life

17k hours




Can be designed to deliver UVC intensity as specified

Moisture protection

Quartz sleeve protects lamp from moisture buildup (GE214 standard)

Spill protection

Prevents mercury spill into ducts �Ò Environmentally safe.

Start ballast

Voltage throttling at start to maximize lamp life


cULus, UL 1995, UL2043, CE

Shipping and delivery Information

The PuriLite Peace of Mind 30-day money back guarantee


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