PuriLite Model X1 - Industrial Strength UVC Disinfection

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  • The only UVC product of its kind in Canada powered by microwave technology, assembled& certified in Canada
Voltage Powerful 1.28 KW system which supports disinfection of large surface area over 1500 square feet, in less than 30 minutes
Disinfection Intensity Backed by custom design and technology, Model X1 utilizes 15 power-efficient electrodeless fluorescent UVC tubes with a life span of 30,000 hours and a UVC radiation intensity of 107 milliwatts/cm2 per tube
Certifications With user safety being top priority, Model X1 is ULc certified & equipped with timer-based technology (1 to 30minutes adjustable timer) which enables the device to be safely powered on and off

360 Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensors turn off the machine automatically if a heat signature is detected

Related products For longer-lasting continuous disinfection, X1 can be used with PuriLite's GermaShield High Touch service to disinfect surrounding air and surfaces
Protective shielding

Safety shielding to protect the X1 UVC tubes


Adjustable timer.Used for controlling the disinfection time of the system based on area size.

Motion detection

2 passive Infrared Motion Sensors sensors in place with a 360 degree area movement detection coverage with a range of 30 feet. Sensors ensure enhanced safety and power-off the X1 system automatically if a heat signature or movement is detected.


15 UVC germicidal tubes for high intensity disinfection

Cooling vents

Cooling vents emit heat - do not cover


360 degree wheels for product mobility


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